Gallbladder removal while pregnant?

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Marpat Posts: 1784
Hi, I know the answer to this is probably no way!! I was told last November after being admitted to hospital screaming in pain that I needed my gall bladder out as it was serving no purpose as it had several stones. I cannot ask the particular surgeon as I am no longer happy to continue under his care (another long story altogether). I will be meeting my own consultant tomorrow week. I will be talking to him about it but really don't think i could take another "attack". For anybody who has been through it, they will understand. The pain quite literally takes your breath away and it is terrifying. Just curious does anybody know anything!
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Not sure while your pg, but you have my sympathies, :eek not a nice ailment as a sufferer of such, i had mine out almost 2 yrs ago & after the op I felt id been hit by a truck and reversed over, there was a tube that im not joking you was as long as my leg inside my abdomen for drainage & getting that out was torture!!!! :ooh Cant see them being able to do it while ur pg as your out cold for the op. to be honest I thought that I recovered from childbirth faster the first time round than that op, sorry to frighten u or alarm u on it, maybe cos mine was so hugely inflamed & full of stones it might have been a particularly bad case! .........Wishing u all the best though!!! :action32
Marpat Posts: 1784
Thanks for replying! i have a dull ache in my back all the time fro the past few weeks but on Friday I got a severe pain attack and was on the ground. it was very inflammed last November when I was kept in hospital on IV drip and it feels a bit like that again. Even though it's keyhole i know it's not a minor thing. My concern would be that it needs to come out as as soon as possible after delivery anyway and how would I cope minding a newborn. Husband has no holidays as we work together and both can't be out and really don't have anybody else to ask. I believe lifting will be out of the question of a while. Which makes a baba a bit of a problem!!
summersurprise Posts: 1276
DId you get a ultra sound scan on it, see how bad it was, mine was keyhole also, it was only the first few days that were wicked and sore, after that the wound healed up quickly, and Ive been great since, havent noticed any difference despite people saying you cant eats fats & oily foods and so on now without it, hope you get it sorted, its a rotten feeling!! O:|
Marpat Posts: 1784
yeah I did have an ultrasound. When I was admitted originally they thought I had a clot on my lung because i couldn't breathe with the pain and one of the clotting blood results came back a bit abnormal. they arrange a CT scan immediately which showed my lungs were clear but then on physical examination of my abdomen, I jumped off the bed when he touched the area of the gall bladder so they ordered an ultrasound which confirmed that there was several small stones. I was waiting to hear back from the doctor's secretary about a date when I found out I was pregnant.
AA11 Posts: 313
I don't know if the operation is similar but a friend of mine had her appendix out when she was about 20 weeks pregnant and she was fine, she was off work for six weeks though. It was an emergency though so they might not do an elective gall bladder sister had her gall bladder removed a few weeks ago and the recovery is hard...(definitely not pregnant ;o) .
Daff Posts: 11644
unfortunately it's not an op they'll do while pregnant :o( I only know this cause when I went in to get my appendix out (18 weeks gone) they thought it was gall bladder at first and told me they wouldn't operate on it if it was - then discovered it was appendix and it was life threatening so had to come out but it's a different op. Also know of a girl who needed hers out while pregnant and she'd to wait til afterwards to get it out. Sorry :o(
2006_lowkey Posts: 141
hi you have my biggest sympathies - I had an awful time with mine before I worked out what it was. About 5 attacks that I though were panic attacks as it started towards the end of my pregnancy with no.2 and I was grieving losing my mom. They were very frightening I thought I was having a heart attack and only kneeling and bending over and rocking back and forth gave me any relief. Anyhow I postponed trying for number three to get it out ( but got pregnant the month after surgery), went private and was done a week after seeing my consultant privately - had vhi so paid nothing appart from first consultation fee. I had no pain from the keyhole but did have some complications as I had lots of teeny tiny stones and a few escaped from the gallbladder before it was removed so had to have a second procedure (an ERCP) like a scope to have the teeny ones taken out !!. Anyhow to answer your questions, they will not remove it while its inflamed as it can be dangerous and doubt they would take it out while pregnant. Having said that i found the recovery no problem as did my brother in law - my sister however found the anesthetic very tough and got pain in her shoulder from the gas releasing from the body from keyhole as they blow up the tummy with gas to navigate. Guess it depends on the person but most people I know were fine a week later. best of luck
Marpat Posts: 1784
thanks so much for all your replies. 2006 lowkey - that sounds terrible. What a rough time. i am the same with the "heart attack" feeling. i've been known to be down on the floor/ground rocking too I know deep down this will not kill me (although it does feel like it at the time).last friday my neightbour wanted to phone 999 but I had to try and get her to stop. Absolutely nothing they can do at this stage. Painkillers don't help during an attack. it's "grin" and bear it. I know a girl here recently got her appendix out too while preg AA and she was ok after but i suppose that's the difference. If your appendix ruptures you're in serious trouble. I guess i just hang in there til after birth and wait for a routine to settle for us so I won't be away too long from the house. STRESSSSSSSSSS