Galway Clinic - Which Doctor??

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Ok girls, after all my talk about doing it, I've finally but the bullet and am getting a referral to the galway fertility clinic. Was going to go with napro but have heard great things about galway so am giving it a shot. Doctor is doing a referral letter today but I'm wondering which doctor would ye all recommend? Dr Egan, Dr Lowe or Dr Crowley? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, DH really not keen on doing sample up there but could we get it done locally instead and take the results or will they insist on it? Thanks a mill xxx
Bm10 Posts: 296
Hi lovethesite, firstly congrats on deciding to take it further! I know for me it was a huge weight off my shoulders when I made the decision to take it further! I'll recommend Dr Lowe, I'm biased of course, am having my LO on Monday :-) I found her lovely but very straight forward too, and answered any questions I had regardless of how silly they may have been. As regards your dh sample. I know my dh had his appt an hour before our "couples appointment" and they had the results for that. It's very convenient and they do prefer you to get it done on the day. I know it took 4 months for me to get an appt, and they sent letter advising all the blood tests they needed doing before the appt - the nurse in my gp was able to do these for us. Good luck and if you've anymore questions feel free to ask :-)