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Baby Days Posts: 218
Just found out that i am pregnant first baby . :o)ll :o)ll In Galway but not sure to go private / public and to which consultant. Any information helpful Thanks
06bridenov Posts: 145
Congrats! I'm expecting my first in June - We went private only as it's our first and I did'nt know what complications to expect... in saying that I had some problems at 10 weeks before I even saw the consultant and had to go to the hospital and they were really nice and scanned we straight away.. The consultant I'm seeing costs €3200 plus any vhi costs etc... and to be honest so far the appt's have been very rushed and I can't see the difference between public / private yet from talking to a friend who went public.. I have another friend who swears by going private especially in Galway - she maintains you do get better care but I don't know.. I can only wait and see.. I really wish there was another hospital to go to.. uchg is such a horrible place.. yuk... I'm sorry this probably does'nt really help you in making a decision...
SuzyC Posts: 335
This is my third time going public in Galway and have been more than happy with my care so far, my friend went private and got the same care as me except a semi private room after the birth. If I had the money to have a choice of either I would still go public.
Baby Days Posts: 218
I have been thinking and maby to go public is just as good from what i hear. Will give it a go and see how i get on
sodbride Posts: 105
We are public and had no problems. IN fact they have been great. Really scabby with the scans though but some people reckon its not great to get too many anyway. We paid to have a private scan in the galway clinic at 10wks and it was well worth it. Not really sure if you get much more for your money going private. Good luck with it all!!
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
Hey there.. going private, it's my first baby. like other said, appointments are a bit rushed and it is v. expensive: €3,200. My best friend had a baby last year and went public and was more than happy with the care...loved the midwives & found them fantastic. It's hard to know really. The only thing seems to be the private room in the hosp! I don't know anyone who went private & didn't get it.
hartley Posts: 826
I am going private in Galway also for my first 3200 plus VHI. The appointments are very rushed, plus I was told I was having twins for 2 scans. Then at 3rd she reckoned she had made a mistake and there was only one. She reckoned there was never 2! Have another scan in 3 weeks. Very peed off and told her she has put us through a roller coaster of emotions over the last couple of weeks. Reckon I will go public next time....
Scrummy Posts: 183
Does anyone know where to do pregnancy pilates in Galway city?? I presume its different to the yoga
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
Hi, due first baby in January and am going public in Portiuncla. Our first scan there is at 14 weeks which I was delighted about, friends going public in UCHG have had to wait till week 20 for first scan! Also had private scan at Galway Clinic at 9 weeks, best money I've spent in a long while, gives great peace of mind.
nomie Posts: 8
hey im due june doc says ill only get one scan at around 20 weeks.but for my own peace of mind and for my husband to have an early connection with the baby id like to have an early scan, mayb at ten weeks. im not from galway so dont know were to go and my gp is very flippant aboutit all. does anyone know how i can go about getting an early scan or where i can go?