Gas smell in Work - Help/Advice Please

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Secret2013 Posts: 227
Good Morning Ladies, I’ve a wee problem at work and need some advice. On coming to work last Tuesday, we got the smell of gas when we entered our office so of course, we called Bord Gais who came to check everything immediately. The man checked everything thoroughly and said he couldn’t find a gas leak and recommended that we get our boiler serviced (which we have now done and all was fine with the boiler). On Thursday, we got a call from the people that occupy the offices upstairs to say that they were now getting the smell of gas from their offices again, Bord Gais were called out and again everything was checked thoroughly and they could not find any leak again. So that brings us to this morning and one of the partners upstairs came down to us and said they had a very strong smell of gas in their offices this morning and they were going to call Bord Gais out for a third time. This man is not an idiot either and would know the smell of gas! They sent two men this time and the exact same story from Bord Gais they found nothing at all. I left the office last Tuesday morning when we got the smell in our own office but was reassured when I returned to hear that Bord Gais certified everything was fine. I thought upstairs were being a little over cautious last Thursday and thought it might have been something dead under the floor boards but they are convinced it’s the smell of gas. This morning I got a smell when I arrived at our office but I honestly do not think it's gas. However, I’m really concerned and very, very upset that I might now be sitting in some strange unknown type of fumes causing the baby harm. I’m really freaking out it couldn’t possibly be gas if on three occasions they have said it is absolutely not gas! Or maybe it’s just hormones! I specifically asked how sensitive their equipment was too and if it picked up even the smallest traces even if they were un-harmful levels and he said they did and that they were very sensitive. I’ve called the mid-wife at my maternity hospital and she said sitting in gas would obviously, under no circumstances be ideal and I wouldn’t be doing myself or the baby’s health any favours but she said if the gas company have been out three times then I should probably take their word for it at this stage… I’m really uncomfortable being here not knowing what the problem is and I think it’s time both my boss and the boss upstairs tried to get to the bottom of the problem once and for all. I’m waiting for my boss to come in (could be a long wait!) and then I’m going to speak to her and tell her how uncomfortable I’m feeling and that I’m considering taking some time off/obtaining a sick note until they get to the bottom of it. They aren’t the easiest people to work for at the best of times so I’m sure she will think I’m being over the top! Do you think it’s a little dramatic or what would any of you ladies do in my place?
macanme Posts: 549
This may be a silly reply but could the smell possibly be a dead rodent??? im very open to correction but as far as i no a dead mouse can smell similar to gas, however if htis is not the case then u would be very with in ur rights pregnant or not to refuse to work in that environment unto the problem is solved, it would not be good for anyone's health to be in this, did the gas men say they could also smell it but their dectors just weren't picking it up, or was it a case of we dont smell or detect anything?
Secret2013 Posts: 227
Thank you for the reply Macanme, they have ruled out a dead animal and it's not a silly suggestion at all. I thought the exact same as you after the first gas man arrived. I spoke to my boss yesterday when she arrived (already in terrible humour!) and tried to voice my concerns and explain very nicely might I add that something needed to be done. She abruptly told me it was none of our business and she wasn't paying for any of it as the smell is quite mild out I mean seriously! She really couldn't give a toss. Thankfully upstairs called the landlord yesterday and he suggested that it might be sewer gas!! Which can still be toxic at low-mid levels so his idea of a solution is to send over a gardener to put some Jeyes fluid down our drains! I spoke to one of the girls upstairs and some of them are complaining of sore throats (that could just be the time of year though). Hopefully, this will solve the solve the problem and if not then at least somebody is taking some of kind of action and it’s not just being tossed aside. I just want them to get to the bottom of it nobody else seems to be very concerned though and I think pregnant or not we should all be somewhat concerned about the problem.