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lux Posts: 6270
We're nearly there with booking our venue. we looked at another one close by which was very nice but my sister was at two weddings there over the past couple of years and said both times the weddings were gatecrashed by other people eating/drinking in the venue, something which has put us off. Our venue is a restaurant which we're booking out for the day so it will be all ours!!! But it got me wondering, are gatecrashers a problem? I don't mean someone who is sneaking a look at the band (I presume you would have the good manners to ask first) but people who invite themselves along to the afters. Anyone had this happen?
teapotty Posts: 2085
God I don't know if it's much of a problem in general but I cannot understand why anyone would have any interest in being at a random wedding where they know nobody!!!!! Unless maybe people gatecrash the wedding of local people because they know some of the guests but not necessarily the b&g??
lux Posts: 6270
The other venue we looked at is a golf club. Apparantly, the members can get their noses out of joint if they don't have access to the bar and have been known to invite themselves to the residents bar at the end of an evening. Sometimes, they wander in and help themselves to the free evening food, which is what happened at a wedding my sister was at!
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Oh Lord- I did this recently....Don't kill me! We had a girly night (3 of us) in a 5* Golf and Spa resort. We had dinner and a few drinks but it was very quiet in the bar and we knew that there was a big wedding in the function room so we decided that we'd gatecrash. It was almost midnight by the time we went in so all the food had been served (not that we would have eaten any of the food anyway) and actually you could tell that a lot of people had left. We just went in for a bit of music and atmosphere. I have to say though that it was very funny. I was so nervous about getting caught that it was just a very comical experience- especially trying to stay out of view of the Bride and groom! I think that if you have your wedding in a hotel that's open to the public then you ruin this risk.... BTW- I've never done that before!!
teapotty Posts: 2085
Ha, bold girl Columbo >:o) I'd just have no interest in being at someone else's wedding. It won't happen at ours because if the type of venue it is but if I was getting married somewhere the public coud wander in I don't know how bothered I'd be. Not sure if I'd even really notice!