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Me Julia Posts: 1352
i see you are logged on, how are you???
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Hey there, Am obviously completely addicted to this place, not good! Am doing better today thanks - was really upset for most of yesterday and think I got it out of my system. Am going to the doctor tomorrow as I'm still only spotting really and I want to make sure that's normal. I didn't need a D&C on my last m/c but am not sure if this pg would end as a normal period as it was very early on... Am going to ask him about leutal phases as well when I'm there as I think mine is around 10 days and it should be a bit longer... So doing better thanks - how's you? gbirishgirl
Me Julia Posts: 1352
if you are only spotting then it could be ok couldn't it? I really hope things look up for you soon, your having a really tough time of it! I am thinking of you anyway....... :xxx