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bellababy Posts: 72
Hi to anyone who has done or is doing this programme ive a few questions. The book says to do gentle birth bonding & confidence cd? What is this? Also what do you actually do during birth?
twoboys Posts: 320
Hi Bella, That's your CD2 - you'll start to alternate the baby bonding and confident pregnancy tracks with CD1. CD1 is always your default CD. Through the repetition of the CD and corresponding reduction in anxiety you don't experience the same panic when the sensations start on the big day (in comparison to a non hypno Mum). It's changing the automatic behaviour of panic when the surges start to a more relaxed state. As soon as you think things are getting going start using your CD - even if it's just in the background as you do other things around the house. It's much easier to keep any adrenaline at bay the earlier you catch it. Don't put off using your CD until you 'think' you need it. Using it right from the beginning is the best advice. Have you joined the online group? Might be better to post there too as I don't get back to WOL every day and you'll get a much quicker response from the online community. Use your CD in the car heading to the hospital and be sure to use it in the hospital to help you stay focused. This is where the Dads can really come into their own by helping you stay in the zone while they facilitate birth preferences etc for you. PM me your email address if you're not on the yahoo group. *)
Chubbums Posts: 699
Sorry for jumping on your thread BellaBee but I'm wondering about the part in the workbook where is says at the end of week 1 and week 2 to "practise your gently confidence script in section 1 of the workbook" is that the confidence builder on pg 131?
twoboys Posts: 320
Yes that's the one. Don't panic if you don't get to do the extra scripts but it's a nice extra 'tool' to have on the day if you and your partner have done some of the practice ahead of time.
Chubbums Posts: 699
Great, thanks a mil for that :thnk