Gentlebirth cd 'Breech Turn'

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happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi all, A quick question for anyone that might have used that cd (or Tracy if she sees this message). Had mini scan at 28wks and baby was breech, had one again today at 31 weeks, babs still breech. I know it may still change but I won't have another apt for several weeks and want to be prepared incase it's still breech then. I was thinking of getting the 'Breech Turn' Cd from the Gentlebirth website. Did anyone use it? Was it successful and how many weeks gone did you start using it? Thanks,
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi Happymonkey, No need to start doing anything until 34 weeks as your baby still has tons of time to flip around. If you bought the homestudy program the Breech Turn is free if you'll PM me your purchase confirmation. Moxa is also very effective and non-invasive way of encouraging your baby into a head down position I generally recommend using both for maximise your chances of baby turning. Tracy
happymonkey Posts: 555
Thanks for replying Tracy. I have the homestudy pack (but my sis gave me so I don't have confirmation). No worries, I intend buying the cd from the online store if I need it. Will defo get it (and try the moxa too) if baby doesn't flip before 34 weeks. I'm doing brilliant and am so relaxed thanks to Gentlebirth and my own meditation/walks/yoga etc... Thanks
smurf77 Posts: 2216
My baby was breech up to Monday and then on Wednesday I went to HS and it had turned. I used the baby turn from Tracey (Thanks so much!!!), had accuptncture twice by a Midwife who practices in Howth (if you are in Dublin and interested PM me). She used the moxa too. I also scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees :o0 Anyhow I am further along so dont panic you have time yet, get those floors shining (my poor knees are still sore and my LO kept handing me the mop :o0 )