Gentlebirth cds (pregnancy), baby arrives - what then?

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happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi all, I've been listening to gentlebirth cds and I'm finding them lovely and relaxing. Definitely keeping my mind quite positive and relaxed re pregnancy. What I'm afraid of is - that baby will arrive and all hell will break loose! Where will I turn to (if I get the odd quiet moment) to get cds that will reassure me and remind me to stay calm, that I'm doing okay etc... I've always made some time everyday for meditation/reflection or prayer, even a few minutes so I'd find it very important to try and keep it up somehow. Anyone know any good cds for new moms? Thanks, Happymonkey
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi HappyMonkey, Glad you're enjoying the program. There are two tracks that are part of the GentleBirth program for new Mums. CD3 - Track 2 - Baby Bliss - affirmations for the new mother. [b:217ilqt0]New Mother Meditation[/b:217ilqt0] - this is a recent addition to the program - it's a really lovely session to promote rest and recovery for the new Mum. It's not too long but just enough to squeeze in some downtime while baby sleeps. And if you decide to TTC again - there's the new GentleBirth Preconception Mp3 too ;o) Tracy
Orwyne Posts: 139
I would say to you that nobody will have written the Happymonkey baby handbook and sometimes you will feel a bit out of your depth but it's just because it's all so new. I did feel overwhelmed and still do! But I find if you have a little routine for yourself and LO that really helps and also don't try to be the perfect anything nobody can doeverything perfectly the only perfect thing will be your baby and that's enough. Go for walks in the day if u can, meet friends family for coffee. Talk to a good friend or two about how you really feel and take advice. And accept any help you are offered and try your best to not be hard on yourself about anything. :wv
happymonkey Posts: 555
Thanks Tracy, I really find cds work magic for me, so I'm glad that there's support for new moms in that medium. :compress And O, thanks so much for all your sound advice especially walking & routine - I'm a daily walker and will defo keep that up - sometimes I leave the house a devil and return an angel, very good to clear the head.