Gentlebirth cds - What way do you use them?

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caramelsquare Posts: 866
Just wondering, to anyone who has been using the tracks. What order do you listen to them? I have listened to the affirmations a few times and just change around between that and the rehearsal imagery and confidence building tracks. Is there a better way to use them? Also, I tend to listen to them in bed at night. Does this matter / make a difference? Thanks :wv
TheNewMrsL Posts: 92
Hi bananabread, I am really enjoying my tracks & interested to hear how others are getting on. I listen to the tracks on the bus in the morning - mostly the birth rehersal but use the confidence one about once a week too. I have added the affirmations too for times when I don't have as long. Recently I have been waking during the night and find it difficult to get bakc to sleep. I pop on my headphones and it chills me enough to get back to sleep. I have also played it on my hospital visits which i find great - not a fan of hospitals and hoping it helps build a positive association. It is suggested to listen to the tracks out loud so the baby gets used to it too. My plan is to listen to the non-hypno rehersal while cooking dinner and to alternate some of the other tracks as the weeks go on. HTHs
stickytoffee Posts: 713
yeah, i didnt think the book was good at explaining what order to listen to them in either. i beleive you are meant to listen to the affirmations every day and then also chose another track...if u hve the time obviously!!! sometimes i would only listen to one of the relaxation tracks. i loved them all and they completly worked on both my labours. they also helped me with breathing techniques which helped when i couldnt get back to sleep at night. i found after a few weeks of listening to them if someone in work or somewhere said something from teh cds then i would just get more relaxed there and then. it was mad. they'd only hae to say something like "level a" or "deeper" and it was like i would just take a really deep breath and relax. so i do belueve they make you a bit hyptonised which really helps keep you relaxed and focused during the labour. highly recommend them. enjoy!!!
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Hi girls, slightly off the tiopic but can you tell me how you got the tracks onto your MP3's I have them on a disc and I cannot get them accross they seem to be saved in a funny way - any advise??? Sorry for hijacking your post xx
caramelsquare Posts: 866
Thanks for the tips girls. I will start listening to affirmations every day now and then add another track as I think it will work. I find it great for helping with sleep if I am a bit uncomfortable as well. Turtlebaby, I had a bit of trouble with converting to MP3s but then I transferred them to itunes. I think I had to right click on each track and convert in some way it wasn't a direct transfer iykwim. But it worked then and I have them on my ipod now.
luckylass1 Posts: 477
I'm having trouble have added them to my library but can't get it to my iPod? Any help
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hi all, where did you get these cd's - very interested to try
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
i bought my cds on ebay, cheap enough, I try to listen everyday but sometimes i forget I dont know if i'm doing it right i fall asleep every time i play them, i hope they work!!!
twoboys Posts: 320
Hi everyone, The new GentleBirth program is almost ready to be launched. There are 8 CDs and an expanded 220 page guidebook. The new program includes a CD especially for Dads and a GentleBirth 'on the go' CD with several tracks for the car. The program will also be available in Mothercare in the coming weeks. The good news is that the price stays the same! Hope this helps. Week 1 Begin the GentleBirth™ program by listening to the very first track on disc 1, Listening Instructions. From there you will move on to your GentleBirth Affirmations and GentleBirth Rehearsal. You will listen to your Affirmations and Birth Rehearsal every day as your prepare for your GentleBirth. This disc also contains Music for Birth which can be listened to anytime. Week 2 After successfully listening to your Affirmations and Rehearsal everyday for at least one week you move on to build confidence in your pregnancy and enhance the bond you have with your baby. Whilst continuing your Affirmations and Rehearsal from disc 1 you now also need to listen to one track from disc 2 on alternate days - for example on Monday you will use disc 1, on Tuesday you will use one track from disc 2, on Wednesday you will use disc 1 again, on Thursday you will use disc 2, on Friday you will use disc 1 again and so on. Week 3 – Week 5 Now that your daily routine includes Affirmations, Rehearsal and one additional track from disc 2 you are ready to begin to focus on your Breathing Techniques (available with the new program). As you continue to practice your Affirmations and Rehearsal daily and alternate between disc 1 and disc 2 every other day you can be confident that you are getting the best from the GentleBirth program. Week 6 and beyond Continue your daily routine of Affirmations, Birth Rehearsal, Pregnancy Confidence and Breathing exercises. As you continue with your practice you will become more relaxed during your pregnancy, sleep better and reduce anxiety. You can expect your energy levels to increase and to feel calmer and more confident in all areas of your life. PM me with any questions. Tracy