GentleBirth Meet Up! - Wednesday December 29th

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GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi everyone, I’m hosting a GentleBirth meet up on December 29th at 7pm in the City North Hotel on the M1. Come by for a hot chocolate and a chat as you prepare for your best birth! Open to all GentleBirth Mums/Dads/families (homestudy or workshop). See you there! Tracy
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
Hi Tracy, Sounds great. I did your homestudy on my first birth. Have never been to a meet up, can you tell me a bit about it please.
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi PeggySue, It's a chance for likeminded Mums to get together for a coffee and a chat about getting the best out of GentleBirth (and to meet some of the newest arrivals to the GentleBirth family!). I love getting to meet the Mums from the online chat in person :) Tracy