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TracyD Posts: 750
Your GentleBirth Pregnancy Celebration Mp3 is now available for download. The GentleBirth team has created an easy listening non-hypnosis tool specifically for use in the car (yes this tool can be used while driving). Used in addition to your GentleBirth hypnosis program this wonderful tool refocuses conscious thought patterns to eliminate fears and doubts and activates your deliberate intention and focus towards a calm, confident birth. Daily use of your GentleBirth program helps maintain a positive expectation and relaxed anticipation of the wonderful experience ahead, for you – and your baby. To be notified of additions and changes to the program in the future please register with our online community. PM me your email address if you're not already registered. Tracy
Finished here Posts: 2860
Hi Tracy, I have the home gentle birthing programme but i am not yet registered and would love to get more involved now that ive reached the half way mark ! Thanks FF
TracyD Posts: 750
Hope you're enjoying the program so far. PM me your email address and I'll send you the details. Tracy