GentleBirth workshop - January Sale (free!!)

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twoboys Posts: 320
At GentleBirth we LOVE a good bargain and we love to share them too! We have a very special January sale starting tomorrow for the January GentleBirth workshop (here's a of the special offers will include one of our all time favourite words 'F R E E' !!!). :o)ll Details will be posted on the GentleBirth Facebook page tomorrow (and later tonight on the private GentleBirth page). If you're not already a member you can join at Tracy
twoboys Posts: 320
Christmas is coming.....more budget cuts are on the way and you've still to buy a car seat....that's the bad news...but as you know we always focus on the positives here so how about some good news! I want to start 2013 off on a positive note and make the workshops even more accessible for more couples preparing for the best birth experience possible. This offer is for my GentleBirth workshop on Jan 5 & 6 in the City North Hotel (M1). For Mums who have Laya/Quinn insurance and are covered for 'Midwifery Services' the workshop is FREE. Laya will reimburse €275 and you don't pay anything extra but please be sure to call Laya and confirm your plan covers 'Midwifery Services). Check with Glo, Aviva and VHI too. No health insurance? No problem. I'm also offering a 2 for 1 deal for January - (bring another couple and they come free (if you're feeling really really generous) or you both split the cost of €375. [b:1znpu6h8]To claim either offer deposits must be received by Saturday December 15. Only customers who include the words 'Free January' in the notes section of the booking on are eligible for this special offer.[/b:1znpu6h8] See you in January for another brilliant workshop! O-O