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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, for those of you who are planning on doing Gentlebirthing or have done it in the past, when did you start listerning to th cd's? Did you do a class too? And did it work for you? Am thinking of giving it a go…just need to do a bit more research first!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Heya Butttons, i have the cds etc and have been listening to them from v early in pregnancy. They are great to help unwind and have some me time. Can't say how well they have worked cause still 11wks to go! I will say taht I have no fear over the birth and labour. I keep thinking that "my baby is the perfect size for my body" and "I am calm, confident and in control" which are two affirmations from the cd. :o0 If you do a search for gentlebirth you should get loads of info or try over on Mums and Babies. :wv
Butttons Posts: 812
Thanks Toblerone. Hope it all works out for you !! Did you do the gentlebirth antenatal course or just the home study?
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Ive also done the homestudy course and find listening to them very relaxing and i really feel they will help me in labour. I started listening to them early on in pregnancy and now with less than two weeks to go i feel really calm and not nervous about impending labour.There is a workshop you can go to if you look up the gentlebirth site you will get some more information.
milis Posts: 7998
I'm doing the homestudy course too, none of the weekends suited me (you'd think I had a life :o0 ). I started listening to the cd's at 18 weeks. I find them soooo relaxing. Don't know how I'll do in labour yet, but I'm not overly concerned/worried about it. I haven't read anywhere of anyone saying it didn't work out for them though, and I'd imagine at the price of it, if people weren't happy, they would be posting about it :o0 Oh, one story I think you'll like..... our midwife told us at the antenatal class that they had one gentlebirth mum come in to give birth and she was 9 cm dilated, but didn't realise that she was that far because she was managing so well! O-O
Vogue Posts: 426
I started it a few weeks ago, it's brilliant for relaxation and reassurance. I spoke to a mid-wife recently who assisted with a 'Gentlebirth' and said she was just amazed at how calm and relaxed the mother was, she made childbirth look so easy! She recommends it to all mums to be. That's good enough for me!
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Toblerone Posts: 2698
Oh I like hearing about gentlebirthers and midwives reactions. I wanna be one of them! I'm just doing the homestudy. I did look into the weekend course but really couldn't justify the cost as I'm enjoying the cds and don't feel stressed about the birth at all. Plus there are others things we'd like to spend that amount of money on. I listen to the cd most evenings and at this stage have DH listening with me. I also listen to it sometimes during lunch time when I go for walk - before I know it the time has flown . I really do find that both of us are calm about the birth which I think will stand to us.
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
I have been using my cds for 2 weeks now but am finding it so hard to get into the groove of them if that makes any sense?! I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem but I just cannot seem to switch off at all, like track 2 on cd2 I'm listening and getting agitated cause I don't feel its working or I can't do it. Does that make any sense?! :-8 I love the last two tracks on 1st cd. Don't have a fear of labour anyway but would love to learn how to focus properly :-8
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi everyone, it's great to hear the positive reports from the midwives. It definitely makes for a much nicer experience for them too. I taught a a group of midwives last week and they've heard similar reports from staff members and they're all very excited about working with GB mums. Hi Blinging - yes that makes sense. Some mums find they prefer one track over another because of the imagery. For many of us we're been practicing the thoughts of 'birth is bad' for a long long time and we're really good at it so sometimes the suggestions are bumping up against your current beliefs and causing that reaction. This is a normal reaction for some mums and it does pass as long as you take an easy going attitude and don't try to force it. Start with CD1 and don't try to make anything in particular happen - just make your intention to just take a few minutes to chill out. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the track and after a few minutes you'll find that your mind naturally begins to wander...and that's fine - as the conscious mind is busy thinking about not having any bread in the house ;-) your subconscious mind is taking in all the suggestions about feeling calm and in control. Any thoughts of 'it's not working' is the conscious mind and we're not concerned about that...think of your conscious mind being like a receptionist in a hotel - it's job is doesn't make the big decisions or run the hotel that's the managers job (your subconscious mind). It comes down to choosing to follow the instructions and choosing to relax - but as women a lot of us tend to think that relaxation is an indulgence that we should feel guilty about..we're so used to taking care of everyone else before ourselves....but once you take a more relaxed attitude to the practice you'll find it much easier. Maybe try listening to it in the bath some evening or put it on as you go to bed at night. Creating a nice ritual around your practice makes it something that you look forward to. Don't forget the CDs are only one part of the GentleBirth program. You'll get the best results by combining the 3 areas of focus. Changing your conscious thoughts (affirmations...self talk...writing your birth story, practicing your mind movie...or the 'wouldn't it be nice exercise') Changing unconscious beliefs - listening to your CDs Negotiating the best birth for you - creating a birth plan etc Join the online group if you haven't done so yet as you'll find lots of other mums with the same questions and lots of tips about how to get the best out of your practice. HTH Tracy
Domestic Goddess Posts: 101
Hi, I've been listenting to the CD's now for 5 weeks and i have 15 weeks to go. I find them incredibly relaxing, I really look forward to listening to them before i go to bed. Tracy - i have a question. I always tend to fall asleep before the session ends and I generally wake up to the music! I fall into a lovely deep sleep, but miss some of the session. Is this OK? Even if the only benefit is better sleep (and i believe there are so much more benefits) then i would recommend them. I'm actually looking forward to the birth, cos it means i will meet my baby!