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Perfect Ring Posts: 161
Hi all! :heartbeat: Christmas is a very busy time of year for everyone, but even moreso for those planning a Christmas wedding. One thing that often gets left last minute is getting the rings sorted, which can be disastrous as on average, it takes approximately 4 weeks to make the ring. Most women will have put in some thought before buying their ring, as it matches their engagement ring. However, when it comes to gents' it's a different story! Often, the wedding ring is the first and only piece of jewellery a man will wear so it is a foreign feeling. This is just a quick post to show you the types of rings that are out there for gents. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:3amu2kqy]GWR021 [/b:3amu2kqy][img:3amu2kqy][/img:3amu2kqy] Palladium gents wedding ring with a contemporary milgrain finish. The centre of this ring is polished giving a nice shine. The ring in the image provided is a [b:3amu2kqy]6MM[/b:3amu2kqy], light band. [b:3amu2kqy]Link~[/b:3amu2kqy][url:3amu2kqy][/url:3amu2kqy] [b:3amu2kqy]Price~[/b:3amu2kqy]€650 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:3amu2kqy]GWR153[/b:3amu2kqy][img:3amu2kqy][/img:3amu2kqy] Gents 6mm palladium and 9k rose gold wedding ring. This ring is set in palladium and 9k rose gold. The ring has a width of 6mm. Three very thin lines made of palladium run down near the edge of this ring which mainly consists of rose gold. [b:3amu2kqy]Link~[/b:3amu2kqy][url:3amu2kqy][/url:3amu2kqy] [b:3amu2kqy]Price~[/b:3amu2kqy]€850 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:3amu2kqy]GWR110[/b:3amu2kqy][img:3amu2kqy][/img:3amu2kqy] This ring is set in palladium and has a width of 6mm. The ring contains a unique pattern of three lines, with the same width, which are spaced apart equally. [b:3amu2kqy]Link~[/b:3amu2kqy][url:3amu2kqy][/url:3amu2kqy] [b:3amu2kqy]Price~[/b:3amu2kqy]€650 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [b:3amu2kqy]GWR043[/b:3amu2kqy][img:3amu2kqy][/img:3amu2kqy] This is a 6MM, light band and is available from 2mm to 8mm depending on taste and style. This ring has a slight court but is available in all court shapes and finger sizes. [b:3amu2kqy]Link~[/b:3amu2kqy][url:3amu2kqy][/url:3amu2kqy] [b:3amu2kqy]Price~[/b:3amu2kqy]€800 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [b:3amu2kqy]GWR029[/b:3amu2kqy][img:3amu2kqy][/img:3amu2kqy] 6mm, medium gents wedding ring set with a square princess cut diamond in the centre. [b:3amu2kqy]Link~[/b:3amu2kqy][url:3amu2kqy][/url:3amu2kqy] [b:3amu2kqy]Price~[/b:3amu2kqy]€800 --------------------------------------------------------------------- For all of our gents rings see here: [url:3amu2kqy][/url:3amu2kqy] All of our gents rings can be made in your desired metal -yellow, rose, white gold, platinum or palladium. Our most popular metal by far for gents is palladium due to its very desirable properties in terms of durability and maintenance. Pop into see us in our shop in the Powerscourt Townhouse to see our range. Have a great week! :wv
Perfect Ring Posts: 161
Hi everyone, We are now and truly into the wedding season. Why not check our our selection of wedding bands now. If you have any queries please contact our award winning team on 01-4422472.