gerbera daisy as wedding flowers??

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superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
hi girls just wondern has anyone used these daises as there flowers i find them very pretty!!! :thnk
Daisy Designs Posts: 61
Hi Sunshine10, I had them as my wedding flowers! I just love them. PM me if you'd like to see a picture of them! Eva
Pigsterella Posts: 14
I really like them and very classy! Simple and Chic!
walkabout Posts: 41
sunshine10 beautiful flower really pretty happy flower available all year round and in so many colour. I'm having these in some of my church flowers
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
thanks a mill girls i just love them!!! daisy i pm'd you!! :o)ll
BusyDee Posts: 8527
:o)ll I'm having these too! Absolutly loooove them :o)ll They are a change from all the usual roses ones (no offence)
DaisyB Posts: 1708
in having them too they are fab flowers... :wv
imawolly Posts: 268
I love them too - had decided on using them but when I was talking to my florist she mentioned that while they're lovely, they have fairly soft stems, so would need to be wired, and might wilt towards the end of the day... I had intended on frieze drying my bouquet, so not sure if they're suitable for that. I'm definately gonna use them on the pew ends, but not sure about in the bouquets anymore.
the winner Posts: 4148
I love them That could be your theme.. Heres some lovely invites that would work a treat.. :wv
fluffy dice Posts: 79
Hi Sunshine 10, I'm using these as my wedding flowers to - they just make me smile. I always associate them with happiness. They come in every colour and available all year round. Love them.