Gerry Ryan on Late Late.... whats your opinion??

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rk16 Posts: 190
Hi folks, thought there would be a thread for this already today, maybe im up early... at 12.30.... anyhooo.... watched the Late Late last night, normally dont watch unless some1 v gud on, cant stand the scripted pat doing interviews... so watched last night to see how gerry ryan got on.. Very impressed, now i know pat has lost his mother in the last few days and all, but gerry ryan should be hosting the Late Late, he interviewed the people in a more relaxed way i thought, not scripted the way i sum times think that pat does interviews, thats my opinion. What did yis all think of it last night????
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I din't see that much of it but I thought he was very good! I do like Gerry Ryan anyway though! Like you I hate the scripted Pat Kenny and avoid him at all costs! Even when he has someone really good on the show I always think that he ruins the interviews and can't cope when the interviewee is does anything out of his comfort zone! He's fine with the serious stuff but no good for entertainment! I would definitely watch the late late more if Gerry was hosting it full time! Actually if it was ANYONE except Pat I might watch it more! Love Ryan Tubridy on a Saturday night!
kenko Posts: 1430
Yes seen a bit of the show last night, and Gerry Ryan was much better alright.
Loops Posts: 287
thought Gerry was just brilliant ... he was great with Tommy Tiernan, think its the first time I've ever watched all of the Late Late - can't handle watching Pat Kenny.
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
Pat might be out of a job soon!!
buzybumble Posts: 831
I thought Jerry did a great job not like that stiff arse Pat Kenny.
buzybumble Posts: 831
I thought Jerry did a great job not like that stiff arse Pat Kenny.
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
I thought he was brillant it was like watching a completely different show if RTE have any brains at all they will get rid of pat and replace him with gerry :o)ll
mrs shamu Posts: 132
I think it was the first time ever I watched the Late Late till the end as well, In fairness to him I think he did a good job, it was entertaining, and a few of the guests commented on how they enjoyed the interview also. The show kinda reminded me of some of the big US talkshows Jay Leno etc and Jonathan Ross style, whereas Pat tends to remind me of Parkinson / Wogan. Have to say thought it was bad form when Tommy Tiernan came on calling Pat a robot, especially when Pat had just buried his mother earlier in the day.
Delish Posts: 4176
Gerry really got the audience going, they were oooing and aaaahing at the drop of a hat, also thought he was a much better interviewer but all the interviews seemed to come to an abrubt end, Thought Richard of the Richard and Judy duo was really interesting and even Daniel O'D and wifey were watchable. All in all thumbs up to Gerry.