Gers chair covers

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ro0809 Posts: 72
Hi, has anyone used this company? Some feedback would be appreciated, thanks :thnk
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I'm using them as my hotel recommended them. I did get a slightly cheaper quote from another company but the quality was awful in comparison. I've been to their house to have a look at some of their covers, really nice quality covers and sashes. I was impressed so I've decided to use them.
ro0809 Posts: 72
Hi snowflake, thanks for that. I think I'll go with them as well. I probably won't get to call in to see the covers though - do they have different choices of materials and colours for the covers? What are you going for? What material are the sashes? Thanks! :thnk
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
They have a great selection of all types of materials, I'm getting the standard white covers with purple satin sashes. They also have organza sashes. They have the sashes in a million and one colours, couldn't believe how many shades of purple they had. i was able to match the colour exactly. Good luck
tdevine Posts: 1
i was at the wedding any honeymoon show at the weekend and booked gers covers, I was talking to ger and she was so hopeful she sat with me for about 10mins going thru different colour schemes, price was great for the quality + they have different sizes so the chair covers fits the chair without the legs showing,, very happy :-)
Peggyshero2012 Posts: 2
Hi, I have booked my chaircovers with Martin Tempany, Runners and Bows, they are based in Offaly and Martin will go far and wide to accomodate you. He has black and white chair covers, bows in any colours, red carpet, white carpet, lanterns and backdrop all for hire. Martin is a perfectionist so it will all be of top standard for budget prices!! I got my chair covers and bows for €2 pp. I will be getting the backdrop also just to confirm price.If you need his details pm me! Peggy!