Gestational Diabetes

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walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hello, I am only ttc but I have an ULTRA strong history of Type II diabetes in my family: on my mother's side there's my mother, her sister, my grandmother, three of her sisters. My father has severe Type II, with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) and has to inject insulin. Three of his sisters are diabetic, and so his his mother. Anyway, I've been reading up on it and given this history (and the fact I'm about 10lbs overweight, although trying to lose as I ttc) it seems pretty likely I'll get GD. I read a medical article saying that women with a strong family history of Type II on the maternal side should strictly try to avoid getting GD through following a GD diet/taking exercise from the start. Going to talk to doctor more about this but can anyone give me an idea of what they were recommended with GD? Thanks!
Martiespride Posts: 997
there is a possibility you could get it, but you also may not! a friend of mine has 5 brothers with diabetes and she was a good bit over weight and she never got it, so you never know! im keeping an eye out too because there is a history in my family, its so common. try to lose the bit of weight. they will do a glucose tolerence test at about 26 weeks to check how your blood sugar level is. there is no point doing it before because it has something to do with pregnancy hormaones or something!