Get on with bro/sis in law?

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jackrussell Posts: 213
Get on with bro in laws great as in can have a chat away to them. The sisters in law a different story altogether. Be out or at an occasion and when trying to talk to the sisters its really one sided as in I do the conversation making and they do nothing back or get a yes no ans. So usually just end up going to talk to someone else! It really gets to me sometimes but try not let it. I am quiet but I think they have taken a dislike to me, I don’t know why! Would love to get on with them but after 4 yrs it ain’t going to happen. :o(
Twirl Posts: 5598
Jackrussell i have no bro or sis in law but dont worry yourself over it. You and your OH enjoy your own lives and dont let your relationship with them bring you down. By the sounds of it you have made the effort, let them come to you from now on. Just remain pleasent and polite to them as always.
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
You have done your best - don't waste anymore time on them. OH has 2 brothers. I have met one twice and never met the other and probably won't until the wedding. Its weird as far as I am concerned but every family is different.
jamjars Posts: 1721
Get on great with BIL & SIL and their respective others! And my (hopefully) FSIL my brothers gf! In fact BIL asked me to be godmother to their new baby boy! :-8
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I love my BIls. My 2 sisters married great guys who are a great laugh. DHs brother is sound out and I'm very fond of him. He's a super brother to DH. They really watch out for each other. He and his fiance are such easy houseguests I don't bat an eyelid when they are coming to stay. I only have one SIL, brothers wife, who is American. She's harder work tbh. They live in the US so we don't see them as often. She is a bit highly strung but is well suited my brother. When she relaxes she can be a good laugh; she just needs ot remove the poker from her *ss more often. As a host though they are great; when you are a guest they can't do enough for you. It's more when she comes to Ireland that friction can happen. All in all I'm happy with my lot.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
We all get on really well - we even socialise with th SIL and BIL quite a bit - TG I would hate it the other way around!!
Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
I get on very well with FBIL AND HIS GF but we find there affection to each other over the top there together about a year & a 1/2 both 21 which is not very young or anything and they are always mawling each other when they come up for dinner or for a few drinks. It's sooo uncomfortable me and h2b do be in shock i mean i dont mind affection but im talking lying on each other on my sofa while either myself or h2b are sitting on same sofa. And its not the kinda thing where you can say anything i do just try stay at the dinner table as long as possible after dinner as its never as bad there they cant really get at each other. :o0 I think if they where alot younger i could understand a bit more, but we ourselves are only 23 and 25, together 7years and never went on like this in front of other people little kiss, hold hands, hug yes but this is takng the puddle!
paperclips Posts: 3146
I get on with mine more or less! My sisters OH is sound out, we get on great with him, same with my SIL. Lovely lovely girl, so easy going. My sisters boyf is from Oz but again really sound and gets on great with our family. My brothers gfriend is a bit of a pain and none of us have much to do with her if I'm being honest. She has done herself no favours with us in the past and has on occasion tried to turn my bro against us. She is really high maintenance. We would love nothing more than the relationship to finish, saying that she seems to make my bro happy so I suppose that counts for something. Get on grand with my BIL and SIL and their other halves.
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
I only have 1 BIL and he lives in Australia now and USA before that. But before he went we always got on grand thankfully. I hate not to get on with him. Same with my DH, he gets on great with my brother. There are no sisters in either family.
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
H2B has no siblings. But I do get on with my brothers GF really well and love her to bits - so much so that she is my only BM.