gettin the sex wrong!!

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ali08 Posts: 121
hi grls hope ye are all well? Had a scan done a couple if weeks ago i was 19 weeks gone dh and i decided to find out the sex of the baby we already have a daughter so when the nurse said that it it was a boy we were delighted she was very confident when she said it. like any woman im dying to go out and buy everything blue that i see but hubby is being very careful incase she got it wrong. Has this ever happened to anyone? and do they it wrong very often?
Amesie Posts: 363
A girl I know had a baby boy 2 weeks ago - she and her DH had found out the sex of the baby while she was pregnant and they had been told that they were having a girl!!! So she had bought hundreds of euros worth of stuff for a girl :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh :ooh They got some shock when he was born... they don't mind now and are laughing about it as the baby is healthy etc....
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
heard that before. Happend to my youngest aunt with her youngest boy and happend to a friend of my sister. That's why their suppose to say their only 95% sure or not at all if they're not certain. We got told that she's 95% sure its a girl, even though our babs had the legs closed at the time but she saw the 3 dots on the screen which will be the ovaries and womb. Apparantly it's very rare that they can even see that on the screen as they only have the size of a needle and is only visible to the sonographer when the babs bladder is full. :-8 At the moment I still try to buy neutral clothes - thankfully I can't stand pink and wouldnt buy it anyway.. :o0
newly_wed Posts: 1039
My friend was told she was having a baby boy and was completely shocked after giving birth when the midwife told her it was a little girl!!!!!!!!! Very unusual apparently for them to get it wrong this way round as usually if they see something to indicate its a boy, then its because something was there. But apparently it can occasionally happen as female genitalia can appear swollen and be mistaken for a little willy on the scan.