Getting a Cleaner - some questions

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La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting a cleaner and just wondered for those who have one: - how much you pay per hour - how often you have them call - how long they work for each visit - what kind of jobs they do in this timeframe - any pitfalls, anything i should look out for, think about - is friday the best day to have the work done We had a leaflet dropped in our letterbox from a girl who charges 12.50 per hour. I assume the best way to proceed is meet her, check her referenecs etc? Should i try to negotiate this price? I'm very controlling and like things done a certain way so the thoughts of handing over to a stranger makes me a bit uneasy. Will i have to go through a bit rigmarole in expaining how i want things done etc?? We're living in Foxrock so if anyone has any other recommendations for a cleaner around the vacinity i'd be delighted to hear. thanks in advance.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Hi we have one and we pay her €40 for approx 3 hours work (it started as €10 per hour but she was so good Mum increased it too €40). She comes every Fri (think this is the best day as the house is clean for the weekend) from 10 -1 although she might come early and stay later depending on what is too be done. (she never leaves before the house is all clean). She hoovers all the rooms and hall and tidies up a little. Cleans all the bathrooms and the oven and washes the kitchen floor. She has in the past washed windows or done a bit of Ironing. (If we want other jobs done we decrease the usual load). We are incredibly lucky with our current cleaner as she is brill but we have had some nightmares in the past that would take them the 3 hours to clean the kitchen. So that was not worthwhile. Otherwise thats it. Ringing references is prob the best bet to find out how good they are but if they don't have any maybe give them a trial as everyone has to start somewhere.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
This is something I have thought about too actually. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cleaner based in Swords who will do weekends?
television Posts: 51
I pay 15 an hour. Started out at 12, but she was so good that we upped it to 15. That is still a Celtic Tiger era wage and I think one should be able to get very good help for 12 an hour now. I have her once a week for three and a half hours. She hoovers, dusts, washes about 1000 sq feet of floors in this time and washes both bathrooms. That takes her 3 hours. She irons during last half hour. Friday is the best day to have the work done, if you are a Monday to Friday worker. I'd have this lady you mention from the flyer checked out. I'd tell her something along the lines of "Any chance you might be available to help me clean the house on Saturday morning/Friday evening?" Arrange a two and a half stint with her, where you do some jobs and she does others, at the same time. Working alongside, you'll get an idea what she's like. If you're happy with the quality of her work, arrange a second similar stint. And if you still find her work excellent, arrange a further appointment, always remaining present while she is working; she doing certain jobs, you doing others. After a good few weeks, along as all is going well, ask her if she can continue to help you "for another while" on Fridays or whatever day. Gradually, as she earns your trust, you can start heading out while she works and eventually simply give her her own key. Make sure that you spell out what products /cloths/brushes/hoover attachments you want used on what and what is not to be used on your prized possessions. Write down the instructions early on. The first few times someone will come, they will take any amount of friendly instructions you give them. Act like your offering to write down the instructions for the helper's behalf and not yours (never boss them and always treat them with utmost respect and as equals.) Be wary of people with poor English - they may not understand instructions. Give very specific instructions in relation to the care of items that are precious to you. Don't allow them use a wet cloth on skirting boards. You could ask the lady on the flyer if she'd do it for 12 an hour. Most people who clean are better in the first 6 months than thereafter. Standards slip, I'm afraid. It's best to have a basic flat rate, such as 10-11 an hour, and then give a bonus frequently for any extras done (i.e. a window washed when not asked to do so). It's best explain from day one that you'd like the lady to look around the house and, if she sees something needing cleaning and has a few spare minutes, you'd be grateful if she could attend to it. "I'm very controlling and like things done a certain way so the thoughts of handing over to a stranger makes me a bit uneasy. Will i have to go through a bit rigmarole in expaining how i want things done etc?? " - yes!