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MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
well ladies I am back.. with the terrible ordeal of having to cancel our wedding for last November because the (very soon) to be ex wouldn't move an inch and the crappy Irish court system.. our hearing date it coming up very soon and then we will be able to set a date that no one is going to mess up for us.. so after months of not even being able to think about organizing the wedding (again) and many times freaking out about my dd's dresses being too small.. we have decided to aim for the end of this year.. I am thinking Oct, but i have my dress and its very wintery, so my question is, is Oct considered a winter wedding???
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
ok, am lost, what happened here?? good that you're back, hope the new plans go well. what happened last time?? wasnt a dedicated Wolly in the past but am trying to make up for it now. O:o) don't know your story. want to share it again?
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Glad to hear things are working out for you. October isn't necessarily a winter wedding, but at the same time, think about how cold it is when you open the door to kids on Hallowe'en night! I'd say you'll be grand with the dress you have. Best of luck :wv
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
hey my partners divorce didn't come through on time and still isn't won't be for another while, so i had to cancel my wedding date, had hotel booked and everything.. very heart breaking..
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
[color=purple:pkzeucs6]Aw poor you! :xxx I can only imagine how awful that must be for you. Still, on the bright side, at least you have your lovely h2b by your side & your wedding hasn't been cancelled, just postponed. Try to look forward to October now, you will be surprised how quickly it will come around!! :xxx [/color:pkzeucs6]
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Hi Finallyx Hope every thing is going well for you. I think October is an Autumn/winter wedding. I reckon that you would get away with a winter dress in October.
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
thanks girls..i should have stated that i also have a deep red cape with an ivory fur trim on it.. i completely love this and thats why i wouldn't get married when the divorce comes through cause it'd be a summer wedding and my whole vision of me and my day would drastically change..
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Hey, if you were orginally going to go for a November wedding, why can't you have it in November this year.. Best of luck with the divorce, hope it gets done quicker for u both than the Summer :xox
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
ah its tainted for me now i suppose.. also as much as i am prepared to wait a certain length of time the less the better so i want it as early in oct as possible.. plus i did feel nov was a bit close to crimbo but our anniversary was in nov so thats why we went with that.. (btw that was not the first wedding i had planned i was planning one for April 06 (didn't book anything but had everything picked out) that didn't happen either!!) so i am sort of done waiting..
hick Posts: 858
We were going to go with August originally but B2B wanted more of a wintery feel so dig a good bit of checking and asking friends and we're going on the 17th of October. The leaves are brown and falling but the trees are bare and there's still a bit of light so we getting marrfied at 2.30 and sunset is at 6.17 so there will be plenty of time for photo's! also Ireland has historically really good weather in October not too hot and not too wet