Getting engaged in New York

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I-dunno Posts: 20
Hi guys, this is my first post here! :wv I'm not engaged yet but myself and the other half are planning on going to New york to get the engagement ring in December. He's bringing me for my 30th birthday and so we just decided to go for it while we're there!! I'm doing my research at the moment but I just wanted to know, where is teh best jewellers to go to? Also, is is possible to pick a ring that is ready made? We won't be in NYC for that long (only 3 days) and I know it can sometimes take longer for the ring to be made. Myself and the OH have been to New York lots of times and it means a lot to us so I'd love us to get engaged there I'm just wondering how realistic that is, taking into account the amount of time it will take to pick a ring etc. I kind of have an idea of what I want so just looking from some advice. Thanks! :thnk
Milly2008 Posts: 537
Why don't you check out Tiffany's website before you go. You might see something you like. You can always contact them beforehand to save time re: the rings you want to try on. Give them an indication of your ring size too. Best of luck and congratulations. :wv
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
diamond district in 47th street(i think) all very good and u can get valuations there aswell, if u order it on your first morning u should have it by time u leave, my friends did it last year in 4 days but they didnt order it till second day, they picked it up on way to airport! ull save a bundle compared to Ireland! i got mine in us but online!
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Just wanted to say :o)ll :o)ll CONGRATULATIONS :o)ll :o)ll .. God must be so excited xxxx
effielou Posts: 100
I have just moved home from NYC, I lived there for 6 years. I got engaged there in February and we bought our ring off a highly recommended place in the diamond district. 4 of my friends have gotton their rings there and all the aer lingus girls get their ring there. Its called Hanniken. PM me for more details. They are a family run business and we dealt with Micheal, the son. They were a joy to buy from. And I worked 2 blocks from the store so any time I wanted the ring polished or cleaned they would do it for free. They were so nice, whereas because I lived in NYC we had tried lots of stores over the weeks and months in planning to buy the ring. I found all of they people in the diamond district very pushy and over priced. I got my dream ring (its so amazing, people stop me on the street in town/shops all the time to comment on it). I also just got it valued last week in Ireland and its is 4 times what we paid for it. the euro is so strong now you will really make a bargain on it. im telling you , you will find your dream ring in here!
gizzy Posts: 59
Hey I-dunno! Firstly Big Congrats on getting engaged. Tis an exciting time now for you both! I actually got my ring in Hanniken's in NYC too! Cant recommend them enough. As Ellielou said, it's a family run business and the minute they heard my accent they asked was I cabin crew for Aer Lingus - they all seem to get their rings there too. It came recommended to my two people one of our groomsmen's mums and again by a woman I work with. I had a few other places in mind heading over (we were only there 5-days) so headed to each of them early and went to Hanniken's last. I was so intimidated in the other shops. They were very over baring and in your face with the sale etc. So happy with my ring too. Got it valued at over twice what we paid too for insurance back here. Also I picked the centre stone first and built the ring aruond it. As they knew I was only there for a few days they had it ready and sized for me the next day! Anyway, Best of luck with the shopping - you'll have a great day out where ever you decide to buy over there!
Late08 Posts: 675
I got my ring in Hannikens too, they are fantastic to deal with I cannot recommend them highly enough congratulations :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Chicksy Posts: 709
I got engaged in New York in April this year. What we did, was pick out the diamond and order the ring from My H2B rang them and ordered it all over the phone. They don't deliver outside the US though so as we were planning a trip to NY a few weeks later, they said they would ship it to the nearest Fed Ex office to our hotel and that it would be there by a certain date. All we had to do then was collect it from the Fed Ex office, which we did, and it was perfect. Well, the band was a little small for me but a quick trip to the diamond district sorted that out, they resized it for me in 10 minutes. The whole thing was virtually effortless and I now have a beautiful ring that cost so much less than it would buying it here. In fact, I tried on a ring here several months before going to NY that was the same cut of diamond but lesser carats, lesser clarity and a lesser colour-it was €600 dearer here than the one we bought on bluenile. We have still to get it valued over here, just haven't gotten round to it yet! But Bluenile include a valuation with the ring (including the diamond cert and all papers) from a gemologist and they valued it at almost one and a half times the amount we paid for it. I'd definately recommend them anyway.
NY07 Posts: 90
I-dunno Posts: 20
Wow thanks girls that's great advice. I knew about the diamond district but there seems to be so many shops there I wouldn't know where to start! Does anyone know the address for hanniken? I have googled it but it's just coming up with a jewellers in ohio and not New York. Thanks for the congrats ! :thnk I won't believe it til I see the ring on my finger :o0 sooo exciting! :o)ll Congrats to you too NY07, where did you H2B propose? I love NY and think it's such a romatic place to propose!