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NY07 Posts: 90
effielou Posts: 100
Ill pm you the address for hanniken when i get home this evening , I think its 66 w 47th St Booth # 24, but let me double check, i have their business card with phone numbers etc . I wouldnt recommend buying your diamond online, I know one girl had a great experience doing it but i have heard so many bad stories where people hav bought them and they arrive with lots of black spots on them. you have to make sure before you buy a diamond it has an EGL Cert.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Congratulations and best of luck with the ring shopping :o)ll
beelo Posts: 33
Hi There Not to be compeletely negative ... but I bought my ring in NY (Kent Jewellers - Diamond district ) . Was delighted with it and service was great. Got my ring valued a few months ago in an Irish jeweller for the purpose of Home insurance. I was expecting the ring to be worth roughly the same as the US valuation.. however I found out that the quality of the diamond was inferior to what I had paid for. Thus it was worth half of what i thought. Also the gold sold in the US is 14 carat and this reduces the valuation also. At the time of purchasing we probably seemed like young naive irish, obviously who knew very little about diamonds. Before you go make sure you do your research and be sure to get a gemological report, as we never received this and its like a guarantee. Best of luck with your purchase and enjoy NY.
princesselm Posts: 240
i had done research on the net and heard that aer lingus staff use hanikens and salvatore on the diamond district. was great to be armed with names as the place looks so tacky and dodgy i never would have had the confidence to buy there otherwise. we went to both and to about 3/4 others and a couple on 5th ave, for peace of mind. i had all but decided on a diamond and a setting in salvatore but wanted to shop around a bit, more to make sure salvatore seemed all right than anything. anyway, we finally settled on everything on a saturday afternoon and were to collect it on the monday. i loved the fact that i could try the diamond in loads of different settings before deciding. my advice would be choose the diamond 1st, then move on to the band, otherwise it gets confusing. have a budget in mind before you go. most of the bands seem to be less than $1000 (for platinum, less for white gold) so it's the diamond that eats the budget. when we arrived on monday it wasn't quite ready so we went off for an hour and it was ready when we came back. when we got it valued here we were told there was slight heat damage to the setting, presumably coz it had been done in a rush. it's nothing major and nothing visible but the more time you have the better. all of the settings in all of the shops had the diamond sitting quite high (it's very american apparently) so we got them to alter the setting slightly. we weren't officially engaged so i wore it home on a necklace around my neck. we weren't checked by customs. the 2 major certification companies there are GIA and EGL USA. GIA is slightly better but the diamond we picked is EGL which is also well reputed. EGL USA apparently has slightly higher standards than EGL Europe too. the ring was valued here at 40% more than what we paid for it. it would have been more had we got today's brilliant excnage rate!!!! i would definitely recommend it if you want to get more for your budget. i love my ring and never would have been able to afford a similar one here.
effielou Posts: 100
Exactly never buy a diamond without the report/cert. Hanniken will never seel you a diamond without the EGL Cert. They yold me only dealers with bad reps do that.
bigjohn Posts: 20
hi please help I am bringing my girlfriend to new york for new years eve (her christmas present) and i will be asking her to marry me there, i think she will say yes as we have being going out with each other for 7 years and we are building a house together. I am planning to bring her to tiffanys & co, i have a €6,000 budget (is that a good budget?) do you think she will get a good quality ring, the one she wants with that budget?, also she has no idea am going to ask her so i dont t she will have no idea of the type of ring she will want, so i was thinking maybe i should bring her away for a night and ask her a few weeks before we go so she can think about it. But i would really like to ask her over there. what do you think?. P.S sorry for all the questions
summerbride\'07 Posts: 61're so sweet!! Definately wait until you are over there. And you have plenty in your budget! Enjoy!!