Getting induced! Daddy's role?

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NotHere Posts: 10273
Well girls, I had my appointment with my consultant today and he said we need to talk about being induced. So he said I could either go in exactly 2 weeks after my due date, OR.....[b:ph7bv5jx]this [/b:ph7bv5jx]Thursday! :eek OMG! I was so caught off guard! Anyway, I asked him to book me in this Thursday because of all the cramps and I've got really stiff legs today so generally uncomfortable. And also because I don't want to go 2wks over, would prefer to get baby out while it still has loads of movement etc. I'm not going to ask about people's experiences because I'm sure ye're sick of re-typing, I'm going to do a search for it. But my Q is, what should my husband do? I'm booked in for a 6am gel, then if it has worked I'll have my waters broken ( :eek ) at 11am. Should he just stay away and keep rested until I really need him or there's some action? He'd just be bored and tired if he's there all the time. Or would I be better to have his support from the start? We don't live near the hospital but some of my family do so he could rest at their house? P.S. I'm going to have a baby by the weekend!! :o)ll :o)ll (but am totally sh*tting myself!!)
mammybean Posts: 10364
oh wow, great news - i know you would prefer to go yourself though. i kow that if it were me i would prefer him to be there but it could be a long drawn out affair and the gel may take a while to work i think if its going to be 6am he could be there for that being administered and go off til around 10? i guess you will know yourself when the time comes? hopefully you will go yourself before then
newyearbabs Posts: 686
OH how exciting you'll have babs by weekend :o)ll I don't know anything about DH role at being induced but if it where me I'd want him there every step of the way. How does he feel about it?
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi flutter - if it was me i'd want my hubby with me there from the start. You'll probably be a bit nervous going to the hospital and getting settled in. I presume if you're having a 6am gel then you'll be there from teh night before so after he's settled you into hospital he could stay with family (with his mobile phone clamped in his hand in case anything happens spontaneously during the night!)....then he could come in to you in the morning after the gel and waters being broken to see how you are and if you need anything and if you want him to stay. You'll probably appreciate the company if you're just waiting for things to "get moving".... the midwives will keep him well informed about what's happening and you'll know yourself if you want/need him around. Sorry it's probably a bit of a useless answer. :-8 :-8 :-8 But baby by the weekend :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Oh my god Flutterby I'm being induced on Thursday too, I don't have to be there till 8 in the morn though!! Did you get the biggest pang of nerves ever when he said it to you, I really did. The reality of it really set in, anyway sorry for hi-jacking!!
Bear Posts: 671
Hi Flutterby, I would have him there if you can. You will be much happier if he is around, and I'm sure he would too. I don't think he would be able to get much rest anyway if he did go to stay with your family.
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Oh have him with you, you will need him from the start! They are great to have there and can be of great to support you! He can go get a coffee and a paper or that if he gets bored. My DH's PSP is an extension to his arm so I am sure if your DH has one he will have it with him :o0 I can't believe its this Thursday! You must be so excited :hyper: Make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation until then. Dying to hear how you get on! Good luck xx
NotHere Posts: 10273
Girls, I think ye're right. I might ask him to be there for a cuddle after the nasty bits. Will have a chat with him and see how I'm feeling nearer the time. I think I'm still a bit in shock about it all! We're not telling our families, except my parents, because with some of hubbies family I could see them making the sympathy faces about being induced and hearing how it's a shame etc, and I can't be doing with that cr*p, I'm worried enough!
NotHere Posts: 10273
[quote="Lady Di":2j3ogmlp]Oh my god Flutterby I'm being induced on Thursday too, I don't have to be there till 8 in the morn though!! Did you get the biggest pang of nerves ever when he said it to you, I really did. The reality of it really set in, anyway sorry for hi-jacking!![/quote:2j3ogmlp] I've just read that in the other post! How mad is that?! We'll be mammies together! :o)ll I'll be thinking of you!
mammybean Posts: 10364
Just thinking, there were women in being induced in my lat couple of stays in hospital and the partners couldnt come in til 8am ish. also there were women n the early stages whose partners weret allowed to stay - cos its a ward with people sleeping and that, they were allowed ring them if things progressed. will you be staying the night before?