Getting married - catholic church things to do?!?

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bettyh Posts: 184
Hi guys, Just looking for a bit of advice really, have booked the chuch and spoke to the priest. Don't live near home anymore so had to introduce myself to priest! Anyhoo, he mentioned something about meeting up with him or a priest in my area where I live now to act as a ?? . Told him I don't know any priests here so he said he would do it... didn't really know what he was talking about to be honest. Anyhoo, we're enrolled to do the pre marriage course soon.. and I know we have to present some documents #(baptismal cert?) 3 months before the wedding. Do we give these to the priest? Have a bit of time but don't want to miss the deadline. Somebody else mentioned giving some sort of notice 3 months in advance. My h2b is not from the same place as me so my priest said he would have to go to his own priest.. is this to give him his documents? Sorry if it all sounds a little confusing!
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
Hi Emilyp the church bit works like this if you are getting married in the parish you are currently living in then the priest who is marrying you will do a prenup enquiry with yourself and your OH this involves getting letters of freedom from every parish you have lived in for more than 6 months since you were 18, you need to get a copy of you baptismal cert dated within 6 months of the wedding you also require your birth cert and confirmation cert again all dated within 6 months of the wedding, you will need your premarriage course done before you do the prenup enquiry also. If you are not getting married in the parish you are currently living in then your parish priest in the parish you are currently living in will do the prenup and send on the paperwork to the parish where you are getting married. HTH
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Emily I think the local priest was just talking about the pre-marital enquiry. The priest here (London) kept referring to the paperwork and I was getting very confused. You and H2B can do this paperwork seperately if you are living in different parishes.
DipDab Posts: 1172
This is the Pre Nup enquiry form that you will have to fill out with the priest. He will attach all the certs etc to it. ... nquiry.pdf
angsana Posts: 119
hiya you can try these two sites, they outline in detail the catholic church requirements/docs you need, etc. But mainly you need to check with your priest what he requires, most follow the norm each with their own little differences. Are you getting married in your home parish, ie the one where you were baptised & confirmed? If so, then it is a little easier as your own parish will have most of the docs themselves. If not, you will have to get them yourself form the original parish(es). Similarly, H2B will have to get them from his own parish. In summary, you need: 1. recently issued baptismal cert. (dated anytime about 6mths prior to the marriage) - this proves you are catholic but also it would be marked on it if you happen to have wed already, hence the 'recently issued'. 2. confirmation cert 3. cert of attendance at pre-marriage course (check with the priest who will marry you suitable ones... as there are many and some he may not approve of) 4. letters of freedom/affidavit (again depends so check with the priest, some require that you get a 'letter of freedom' from every parish you have lived in since moving away from home. some will accept a sworn statement from a solicitor that you are unmarried & free to marry) 5. Once you have these together, you both meet with the priest and go through & fill out the pre-nup enquiry form. All the above satisfy the church. 6. you attend the registrar [HSE] & receive your MRF (marriage registration form) - this is the form you & your witnesses & priest sign on the day of your marriage. [you then return this after the wedding & receive your marriage certificate] This element satisfies the state. As I understand it, steps 5 & 6 are mutually exclusive, ie you can do them in any sequence. You don't necessarily have to have the MRF to do the Pre-Nup and vice versa. Altho, again check with your priest. He might prefer you have have #6, before meeting to do #5. After you do all this & get past the "organising the wedding" part... then you will be married in both the eyes of the state & church :) hth...
bettyh Posts: 184
Thanks a mill for that vrey detailed info, much clearer now!