Getting married next week & all i feel is dissappointed

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Roz Posts: 588
Hey girls, I dont know if this is down to nerves or what. Im getting married sat week and i cant stop thinking its going to be a disaster. H2B thinks im being stupid but im very upset over it. I hate my dress I think the BM dresses look silly My H2B doesnt fit into his suit Im so upset at the people who are not coming to the wedding - close cousins and friends have said they cant go We choose our reception on the basis of 120 people attending but now it look like we will only have about 80/90 guest and im afraid the room is going to look so empty that it will look ridiculous I just want this disaster of a day to be over with and put it behind me :o( Does anybody else feel like this or have i totally lost the plot :o( :o(
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
Calm down! I'm sure its just pre-jitter wedding nerves, stop thinking about the dress, room, suits and people and take a deep breathe and remember what the day is about. Its about you and your husband stating in front of family, friends and god (if you believe it) that you are commiting your life to each other and that is all that matters. If you keep that in mind it will be an amazing day, don't lose sight of what is important about the day, the two of you. :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Hi fantasy08, I totally know what you are going through at the moment. I am worrying and second guessing absolutely everything to do with the wedding and half wishing it over too. To be honest h2b and I sat down last night and went through a list of everything to do. We are going to get through as much of it as possible as soon as possible and then try and relax and enjoy the last few days if we can.
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
Hi Fantasy, Im sorry to hear that you are feeling a little dissappointed but do try to take the positives from what you have done so far. Suits and alike are only minor setbacks and a good tailor will have him shipshape quicker than you can say abracadabra. Tailors account for this when they fit so i wouldn't be too concerned. On the wedding night itself, if you and your hubby are involved in the night by taking to the dancelfoor and having a ball, your guests are sure to follow and once you can help in getting your 80/90 people on the floor - nobody will care how much spare room you have. As i said, if you take the positives from what you and your hubby2b have achieved up to now, try to be more positive and you will have a hitch free day when your day arrives. Ruairi Finnegan
skittles Posts: 1312
ah fantasy you poor sure its a lot to do with stress and pressure of the day being so close. lets see if we can help with some of your worries. [quote="fantasy08":pfy8mb1h] [b:pfy8mb1h]I hate my dress[/b:pfy8mb1h] THERE IS A REASON THAT THIS DRESS IS YOUR DRESS AND THAT REASON IS BECAUSE YOU LOVED IT ENOUGH TO BUY IT.WHEN YOUR TAN HAIR AND MAKE UP ARE DONE YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING PUTTING IT ON. [b:pfy8mb1h]I think the BM dresses look silly[/b:pfy8mb1h] IM SURE THEY DONT BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY DOES IT MATTER?NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO THINK THAT AND THEY'LL BE SO BUSY LOOKING AT YOU THEY MIGHTN'T EVEN NOTICE THE BRIDESMAIDS. [b:pfy8mb1h]My H2B doesnt fit into his suit [/b:pfy8mb1h] IS IT HIRED? GO BACK TO THE SHOP AND DONT LEAVE UNTIL YOU'RE HAPPY WITH IT. [b:pfy8mb1h]Im so upset at the people who are not coming to the wedding - close cousins and friends have said they cant go[/b:pfy8mb1h] IT'LL BE THERE LOSS.THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THERE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD BE THINKING ABOUT,THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE MAKING THE EFFORT TO SHARE THIS SPECIAL DAY WITH YOU. [b:pfy8mb1h]We choose our reception on the basis of 120 people attending but now it look like we will only have about 80/90 guest and im afraid the room is going to look so empty that it will look ridiculous[/b:pfy8mb1h] SPEAK TO YOUR WEDDING CO-ORDINATOR ABOUT PUTTING LESS PEOPLE ON EACH TABLE AND USING EXTRA TABLES.THIS SHOULD FILL UP THE ROOM MORE. ([/quote:pfy8mb1h] i hope you feel a little better soon,and remember its only a wedding,i think we are all guilty of forgetting that at times.the most important thing is your marriage to your h2b.all the best :thnk :thnk :thnk
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Fantasy08, dont be sad and upset hun. Your day is going to be brilliant and your dress is fab i'm sure. You picked it cause you liked it and when you jump into it on the day and your all dolled up, you'll be :lvs Same as the Bridesmaid dresses and the hotel will make 80/90 guests fill your room lovely. I bet you'll be back here after saying Sweetcheeks you were so right, My Day rocked. :wv
s wife Posts: 1445
You poor thing ,its easier said than done but try not to worry too much at the end of the day its all about you and your h2b ,as for the dress you will look amazing on the day ,ive been thinking the same about my own dress but i know i picked it for a reason but i think ive lost sight of what the reason is,but on the day your's and mine will be fab ,and your day will be perfect :wv
Roz Posts: 588
Thanks girls, I know the day is about myself & H2B and nobody else. But i still want it to be perfect and i just feel like its going to be the worst wedding in history. I know it probably down to nerves and sweet cheeks you are probably right - that ill be back saying it was a great day but i cant stop being so dissapointed in everything we have done so far. :o( I really just want the day to be over so much :o(
papillon Posts: 1305
Great advice lads. Can I also suggest you go and have a massage and maybe some indulgent bathing ritual spa type thing. A lot of your worries are probably down to stress. You will have a lovely day and you will be a beautiful bride..
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Yes go and have a massage, head massage is really relaxing and treat yourself to a nice body moisturiser for you to use the day itself. Then pick a day to yourself, have a nice bath, do a home treatment in your hair, big mug of hot chocolate and day time telly. You'll be new woman. :wv