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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi All - Posted before about the fact that I have no sign of AF and BFN. I am on day 46 now and still no sign of AF. Did first response on Friday and saw really faint second line - now I mean really faint - possibly my imagination.Then went to my doc appointment - she did a urine test and it was negative, I have to go back to her again in two weeks and she will do a blood test. This is only my 2nd month ttc but I have no idea what is going on with my body! My temps are still up and boobs are bigger and sore - feeling crappy today backache and headache... Did anyone elses cycles start out regular and then start going funny (off pill 3 months and had 2 32 days cycles and now this)????? Getting me down a bit :cry:
grumpy Posts: 1280
I also got a really faint line the first time I did a preg test (it was 3 days before period was due) so did another one 2 days later, and the line was definitely there! And sometimes the doctor's tests are actually less sensitive than home pregnancy tests, and don't detect pregnancy as early. So, if I were you, I'd do another test! It will be definite now if you are pregnant! Best of luck
daisies Posts: 23
Same thing happened to me - get a clear blue digital - that will say pregnant or not pregnant - no wondering about faint lines. I have also heard that the doc's tests are not as sensitive. Test again with the digital first thing in the morning.
feelsobad Posts: 693
thanks to be honest I just wish AF would come at this stage - worried about my cycle being so long! :cry:
stinky Posts: 606
Chloe, I don't want to get your hopes up but a line is a line! Do what daisies suggested and get a clear blue digital. I've also heard girls say before on this forum that the docs tests are not as sensitive as the home preg kit. I know a girl who did a hpt and wasn't sure so in her state of hysteria she brought the wand back to the chemist to ask them if she really was pg! I'm sure the girl behind the counter was delighted to have to handle a wand someone else peed on :oops:
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi Will wait till end of week and then if nothing will test again..... The line really was faint girls - I thought I just imagined it!!!!!! maybe just wanted it to be there O:|
Mrs Cath2005 Posts: 138
I think a line is a line...also my TCOYF books says that 18 high temps past ovulation almost always indicate pregnancy, I would do another test if I were you. Good luck!
miss sixty Posts: 467
Hi Chloe, My freind was told by her Doc to buy a clear blue as theirs not as sensitive (doesnt really make much sense does it :roll: ) However faint, if a line is there is indicates pregnancy hormone.........not wanting to get your hopes up but I would defo be testing again first thing tomorrow morning - find a late pharmacy somewhere if ya can. My fingers, toes and legs are crossed for you! :D