getting mole removed

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tabs Posts: 65
I have to get a mole removed from my cheek shortly. Actually its more of a large freckle but its gotten bigger over past 6 months with 2 little raised lumps on it. Anyway plastic surgeon advised me to get rid of it as its 'active' and is doing the job next week. Has anyone else had a similar experience..will it leave a scar? im getting married at the end of the year so just a bit concerned. Im ugly enough as it is. Also what does the procedure entail... Ive been given no info yet. Any help greatly appreciated.
Chukles Posts: 672
I got a mole removed from my cheek a few years ago and really its no big deal at all. I went to hosp as a day patient and the area was numbed, the mole was removed and I was out in a matter of 2 hours I had to keep it covered for a week and no make up but it healed so fast and now you would never even know it was ever there. Best of luck
tabs Posts: 65
Thanks a mil for the reply Chuckles I was beginning to think i have the lonliest mole in the word! Glad to know that it will heal fairly quickly. Ive lots of hens and weddings coming up. O-O