Getting my Teeth Whitening Done

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funnybride Posts: 46
Hi Girls I went to the dentist in Dun Laoghaire last night to get my mountpiece set to start the At Home Bleaching so i will let you all know how i get on, i had originally bought a kit from Smile White in Northern Ireland with the Boil and Bite Mountpiece, and when i showed my local dentist it she started to laugh and then showed me what a real mountpiece should look like, my one was like something Rocky would box in compared to the professional one but she was charging me €450 coampared tot he dentist in Dun Laoghaire who only charges €200 he is cheaper because he has his own machinery there to make the mountpieces, so time will tell and will keep you all up to date
mrs.s Posts: 241
hi there whats the name of your dentist? :D I've been thinking about getting that done and 200 seems a good price. thx!!
funnybride Posts: 46
Hi amfs His name is Edmond O'Flaherty, number is 2842570, my mountpiece has just been delivered to my job, they look brilliant exactly the shape of my teeth, i will let you know how i am getting on
fairy Posts: 327
hey Funnybride, do you know how many applications you get of the home bleaching with the dentis in Dunlaoire? And how far in advance should you start it? I was going to go with smile white too, but going to go to a dentist to get a professional gum shield thingy done, as the ones in the picture on the smile white web site look the same as I use to use for hockey! Did you find that the smile white stuff worked at all? Thaks fairy
funnybride Posts: 46
Hi Fairy I got four syringes with my kit, he says to have them on for at least four hours a day so he suggests sleeping in them everynight for about 2-3 weeks so i should have enough to do me plus some left over to top up just before my wedding in June, With the smile white, i paid €45 for his and hers kit but the mountpiece was crap really crap and uncomfortable, as i have just received my mountpiece today the difference is unbelievable, but only time will tell if it will all work, i am starting it tonight so i promise i will keep you updated, the only good thing from smilewhite is i can still use the whitening gel when my other runs out.
fairy Posts: 327
Thanks for that Funnybride. Think I might for with the smilewhite, and just get a shield made by the dentist. Fairy
ckav2005 Posts: 25
Hi Funny Bride Well How did the Whitening go ?
Csmama Posts: 31
Does anyone know if Smile White in Northern Ireland is gone or something as I can't find the website anymore? I have the gel from them and it's really good, but can't find them anymore??