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shala Posts: 1733
Well it is the morning of my wedding and I just can't sleep!! Nerves are really kicking in now!! Seems quite stormy out there too!!! EEEP!
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
best of luck Shala! Pity about the weather - I'm singing for another WOLlie in Fossa today and going by the weather here in Cork it's not going to be too nice in Kerry. Fingers crossed the weather will dry up in time for your big entrance. Hope the nerves hold out and you have a great day Siobhan :o)ll :o)ll
jen4 Posts: 566
Best of luck, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic day despite the weather! :o)ll
charliesangel Posts: 2106
never mind the weather your day will be amazing just enjoy
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Best of luck, hoep you have a great day
daisybabe Posts: 767
Good Luck Shala & don't worry bout the weather, its supposed to be good luck to rain on your wedding day O-O O-O
kelsar Posts: 690
best of luck. have a fab day. Think positively , at least half the wedding party wont be sitting outside smoking. :o0 :o0
ela28 Posts: 2552
have a fantastic day and a brilliant honeymoon,enjoy every minute of it all,don't worry about the weather,you will have a wonderful day no matter what,the best of luck with everything and wishing you and your h2b a long and very happy life together,looking forward to the report :thnk :lvs :wv
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
Shala, hope you have a fab day!! And never mind about the weather!! I'm so excited for you!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Best of Luck Shala. You will have a ball regardless of the weather!!