getting paid/maternity benefit

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brunette Posts: 234
Can anyone tell me if you get paid from your job if on maternity leave, or do you just get maternity benefit or both. Ive a permanent job in the health service. Mortgage comes out of my account and wondering if I will have enough to meet it when on maternity leave.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
It depends on your employeer, you will need to ask someone in your HR department. Mine don't pay me so I'm on the state benefit of 280 a week.
hubblemama Posts: 57
hi i work in the HSE too. They paid you your full salary for the 26 wks. If you are Class A Prsi, you need to reimbuse the HSE the amount of your Maternity benefit cheque. I am just going to get my cheque paid directly to our finance dept. There is a seperate form to fill out for this available on SW website. You need to fill out your HSE maternity leave application at least 4 wks before you go on ML
brunette Posts: 234
Thats a relief to know. Think Im a class a pension but Im going to check tomorrow. Thank you both for the info.
hubblemama Posts: 57
You are welcome, enjoy your pregnancy I am counting down the weeks til ML now!!