Getting pregnant immediately after a miscarriage

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Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
I was just reading a thread there about how long it took people to conceive no.2, & I noticed that a few people who responded mentioned that they got pg immediately after miscarrying, before AF arrived. I have just had a m/mc at 13 weeks (the baby died at 9 weeks, found out at my 13 week scan) & I had an ERPC last Tuesday. I have recovered fine from it, I just have some discoloured CM (sorry for TMI) . I really want to get pregnant asap. I conceived both my DD & the 2nd baby 1st time trying so I'm really hoping I won't have any trouble getting pregnant again. I was wondering how soon after your mc did you start having sex again? And did you use opks to see if you were OVing? In the hospital they said it's advisable to wait until I get my period for dating purposes but from what I've read people have gotten pregnant immediately? How did you work out your EDD? I guess I'm just looking for information & your experiences & stories to give me hope if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks in advance. I think I'll post this in TCC as well to see if I can get more responses.
goodietwoshoes Posts: 167
So sorry to hear of your mmc. This time last year I was just after mmc at 12 weeks.We waited until I had one period to try again, just for dating purposes really.My GP said there was no medical reason we couldn't try straight away, but did advise waiting for af so we could date the pregnancy.I was desperate to get pregnant again.Got bfp on 2nd cycle.Had one cycle of 29days and one of 21days. I ovulated on day 9 of 2nd cycle; wouldn't have known id ovulated only I used opk straight after AF stopped. My little lady is here in my arms now, she's 6 weeks.This time last year I was in a very different place, and thought I'd never be here again.Best of luck to you, hope you get your bfp soon x
wonderwife Posts: 463
Sorry to hear about your mmc Anne :action32 When I had my mmc I took tablets so I was recommended to wait 1 fully cycle to make sure they were out of my system and that uterus was properly emptied. That said the midwife did say that she'd seen people get pregnant straight away again and everything was fine so it was up to me. With an ECRP I don't think you would have taken any hormonal medication and they would have made sure everything was gone so I can't see why you couldn't try again straight away if that's what you want to do and you feel ready. I quite enjoyed the month I had off from TTC and the stress of everything but you do what's right for you. They say you're more fertile in the first 6 months after a mc and I'm walking proof of that (6 months gone) so fingers crossed it happens again for you quickly. Take care.
bumble Posts: 1980
Sorry to hear of your loss AB. I ov'd 3 wks after my ERPC and got pg. my cycles are always all over the place so dating was never straightforward on any of my pregnancies. They will prob give u an early dating scan if u get pg and unsure of dates. Best of luck!
Number2in2012 Posts: 172
So sorry for your loss, I was on the same thread as you, hope you are ok. I know what's it like & there's just nothing anyone can say to make you feel better. :action32 Just to let you know I got pregnant straight away after a miscarriage, twice. The first time it also ended in a miscarriage, so two in a row :weep. Then I got pregnant again immediately the next month and that one is now 2 & driving me crazy most days wrecking the place!!! It is true you are very fertile after a mc, and some drs recommend you dont ttc straight away but my consultant said that as long as there weren't any underlying issues then it was perfectly fine & actually a good chance of success. Best of luck & :babydust:
ozzy08 Posts: 272
Sorry to hear about your mc. On my first mc doc told me no need to wait and we tried straight away before I got AF and never got Af as was pregnant with my now 16 month old. Had another mc last month and started trying straight away so I would say if you feel ready. They used the date of my mc as the lmp and as I knew when i ovulated there was never any doubt of my dates.
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
Thanks so much for the replies, ladies. It's only when you have a MC that you realise just how common it is unfortunately. It give me hope that so many of you got pregnant so quickly after your MCs. I'm a week post ERPC now today so I think I'll start using the OPKs again & hopefully we'll get lucky very soon. I just want to be pregnant again so badly. I was told in the EPU to contact them as soon as I got pregnant again (fingers crossed ) & that I would get an early scan. Thanks again & best of luck to everyone :thnk