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Asics Posts: 1935
Well Wollies we have decided that we will try for no.2 from Dec :o)ll :o)ll . I had my mirena removed this week & started taking folic acid so thats a start, any other recommendations? I had Lleetz in Feb this year so hoping that won't affect pregnancy in any way. Im also o- & dh is o+ I remember the nurses saying the last time I was pregnant that if I was to have another baby id have to have an injection does anyone know at what stage of the pregnancy this happens? Sorry for all the questions you would think that I was having my 1st but it feels like ages since my princess was a baby :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
I believe that what they would do first is check your blood for any anti-bodies to see if you were sensitised, they probably wouldn't give you an injection till you were 28 weeks, unless you have any bleeds or bumps earlier in pregnancy. Was your lo rh pozitive and did you get an anti-d after birth? Make sure you mention it (when the time comes) to your gp. If you had lletz don't forget to mention that as well, they may want to monitor the thickness of your cervix to insure it remains competent. Good luck with TTC!
FamilyWay1 Posts: 60
I have the same rare blood group, I will be getting my anti d injection at 30 wks and then I may have to get one after babs is born depends on what blood group babs is... :) [url=][img:2w85y9us][/img:2w85y9us][/url:2w85y9us]