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Sin16 Posts: 236
Those of you who have gotten ready in the hotel can you share your experience of this? Our reception will be in tulfarris blessington and I am thinking of going from the hotel to the church. Did you get dressing gowns and pj's for your bms? Did you go for breakfast in the hotel or did you get room service? Just thinking the girls won't want to go to breakfast in dressing gowns etc. No point in me going spending money on stuff if they won't wear it. We aren't getting married until this time next year but my plan is if I see that kind of stuff I will buy it. Buying pj's and dressing gown in penneys marks or dunnes.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
My friend got ready at her venue - the wore pjs/dressing gowns, got room service and had hair and make up come to them.
bridalbear Posts: 17
Hello Sin16! I'm getting in Tulfarris next March and will be staying the night before too. I've bought dressing gowns for the girls - I didn't really consider the logistics for breakfast, lol! My theory is that there will be power in numbers, so it might be OK to have breakfast in the restaurant wearing pjs and gowns. We'll need to eat early anyway, so I guess/hope there won't be too many confused looks! Room service is an option (I'm sure), but we're getting hair and make up done in the suite - could probably do without adding food/smell to the mix! I'll probably talk to the coordinators about how best to manage the morning though. I'm sure they've seen it all!
melfort Posts: 43
Talk to your wedding co-ordinator as she will be able to advise you what is normal. I am getting married down the country so both my fiancee and I will be staying in the hotel the night before. We are having breakfast delivered to the room before hair and make-up arrive, while he is going to the restaurant. Your hotel will advise you what the best thing to do is.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I stayed in hotel night before wedding & wore nice white top & skirt down to breakfast with my parents, went quite early. Then wore nice dressing gown over it getting hair & make up done in the suite. BMs arrived later & popped the dressing gowns over their normal clothes to save getting make up on them etc. I ordered up sambos, scones & had brought my own bottles of champagne with cranberry juice in the suite while we were getting ready - life saver O-O Personally I would never wear dressing gown /PJs to breakfast in a hotel, regardless of how elegant they might look or the fact you are a bride with your BMs. It's still a hotel with other guests & you don't own the place.
Sin16 Posts: 236
Good idea to have scones and sambos. I don't think I would go to breakfast either in dressing gown. I'm thinking I'll just get dressing gowns for the girls and then they can put that over normal clothes as you said. Will need to chat to hotel too.
MrsBB Posts: 12
I'm getting married in Tulfarris too - and was planning on getting robes for us all. I think we will go to breakfast early (dressed) and come back to the suite and put on the robes for the hair and make up...... But no doubt your co-ordinator will advise whats best!! Posts: 89
I'm getting married in Tulfarris too in Feb. I'll be staying over the night before. I was thinking of going down for breakfast but it'll be early. Great idea to have scones and sandwiches though as will feel the hunger while getting ready, ceremony is not until 2pm
LouLauraMakeUp Posts: 32
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