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elle11 Posts: 25
Hey guys, My wedding is going to be at 3pm (I actually want it at 3:30pm but i accidentally put 3 on the invites) oops! Anywho, we are having a civil ceremony which should onyl take around 30mins. But more to the point I'm wondering about the getting ready timeline BEFORE the ceremony. MY hairdresser has said she will only come to do hair at 8am (i'm guessing this is because she has a salon to run and it's easier for her to get me out of the way earlier rather than later) and because of that my make up artist will be coming at 9am, so I should be finished by 10am. But is this WAY too early for a 3pm ceremony? I feel like it is. We are also doing a first look at 11:30am so I mean, the latest I would start is at 9am anyway. And if you guys have any suggestions for the entire timeline it would be a big help. I haven't been to a wedding in years!
ainesloan Posts: 8
Oh really? 9am!!! This seems really early? I am also having a humanist ceremony starting at 3.30pm and I was planning to still be sleeping at 9am or out for a nice long walk! Maybe I need to be more organised?? 0_0
lorrimar Posts: 837
I am also getting married at 3pm and it's a civil ceremony. My hairdresser and MUA will be arriving to the house for 9am. There are 5 of us getting ready, me, my 3 BM's and my aunt. They allocate approx 1/2hr each for make-up and not sure about the hair. I'm planning/hoping to have it all finished by 12.30/12.45 and start getting into the dress then so that we can take photos at home as well. Our venue is about a 30 min drive so I will probbaly book cars to arrive around 2 to allow for taking photos with them as well. I also want to allow for traffic as there is 1 particular set of traffic lights just before my venue and you could be waiting ages for them to go green :) I'm also one of those people who hates being late :)
nosie Posts: 449
My make up artists is insisting on being finished with my make up an hour before I am due to leave home for my 3pm wedding. So I'll be sitting in the MUA's chair at 1.45 (my church is about >1min drive from my house) I really wanted to be slightly later but I guess finishing up an hour beforehand isn't too bad. It'll probably take me about 5 minutes to get into my dress cos there are 8 buttons to be done in the back. I'm going to the hairdressers for 9.45 because the bridesmaid that I'm sharing the car with needs to be back for about 12.30/12.45 for her make up.
Emloumanryan Posts: 120
Hey I'm not sure if this is any help but I got married at 2pm, hair and makeup came at 07:30am, at the time I also thought this was WAY too early. There were 5 of us to have hair and makeup, myself, 3 bridesmaids and my mother. We were all ready for around 1pm, throughout the morning the hairdresser would flit between all of us, putting in rollers etc, some had upstyles. Makeup the same, she went between all of us doing eyelashes, primer etc. We werent under any pressure when they came so early and it was very relaxed. we broke for breakfast during this time and cups of coffee etc. Before the hair and makeup had said what time they were coming I had imagined we'd only start getting ready at 10am! You'd be surprised how quick the morning will go, and it really seems to speed up once the photographer and videographer arrive if you are having one.
Jawl Posts: 8881
You are hiring/paying the hairdresser/MUA, surely you dictate what times you want them? I took their lead, because they knew how long it would all take. Hairdresser came at 8am and started by blow drying my hair and rolling it, before doing the other upstyles and blow drys and finally my upstyle. MUA came about 9 nad they had a conveyor belt going. They had 6 people to do in all. But it was a rush at the end, and I had about 10 minute sto get into my dress before it was time to leave. I woudln't mind starting that early for hair if I was getting married at 3, but maybe ask MUA to come an hour later?