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nobodyknowsme Posts: 53
So mortified typing this, but I have a ronnie!!! I first noticed when I was about 13 when the boy next door helpfully pointed it out. Since then I have been seriously paranoid about it, and bleached and waxed it constantly, and that was fine.... Until about a month ago - I bleached it and when I looked in the mirror I could still see it, and so I got it waxed, but the next day I could see it, so I bleached it again, and then I plucked it (ouccccchh!) But [b:3phzq8sj]everytime I look in the mirror I can see this friggin shadow on my top lip and I feel soooo ugly. [/b:3phzq8sj] Has anyone gotten laser or are there any other options?! (I saw a horrible article in Look magazine today about laser hair removal gone wrong and that's the only thing stopping me - that and, is it seriously expensive?!) I don't know whether it's suddenly got darker and more resistant to treatment or am I just getting paranoid because the wedding is coming up. It doesn't show up in photos (I checked...I know... :-8 ) so I'm not sure if it's just in my head, but it's freakin me out! [img:3phzq8sj][/img:3phzq8sj] At least I've no beard I suppose - yet! :o(
crazychick Posts: 763
Why don't you ask your mother or someone honest if you have one and if they say 'no', stop worrying about it, and if they say yes, then look into laser...
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
I had one and alternated between bleaching and waxing for years and eventually I got laser. The thing with laser though is the darker the hairs the better it works. It doesnt hurt i found the worst bit was the gel which was always cold. Make sure you get it done in a reputable place though
irishgirly Posts: 117
I get it waxed profesionally, home kits always left marks. I used to bleach but it makes the light hit it and look more obvious I find. I have laser done elsewhere and was told not to bother on lip as it's too blond (seems dark to me!).
Lucille-Bluth Posts: 1145
Im extremely fuzzy of face but the hair is blonde so i dont have to bleech it - however I would love to get a wax but Im really scared I'll end up like the lady who gets my train and has a full blown man beard - wont the hair start to grow back as stubble if you wax it?
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I have PCOS and have had this problem since my 20s I always waxed but in the last yr ( I'm 32 now) it really began to affect me as it seemed to get heavier. I have started electrolysis as my hair is fair thankfully!! and it seems to be working very well I'm far less conscious of it and the regrowth is nowhere near as bad
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
I asked my neighbour/good friend if i need a facial wax. And she said yes :ooh I asked dh and he said no.I was grand to leave meself alone, Then the other day he said to me bonkers you have a hair on your face and went to pull it.Omg it hurt. So im off for a facial wax. :o0
eppi Posts: 171
I have what I think is a very obvious mustache. I have had it waxed but am allergic to the wax and come out in tiny little spots/pimples, [i:1mv7poyz]so[/i:1mv7poyz] not a good look :eek So now I pluck. Once a week when I do my eyebrows, I do my tash. Mr. Eppi of course, in the time honored way of the male of the species, cant see what I'm talking about and thinks I'm bonkers. Maybe I am but I feel better :o0
irishgirly Posts: 117
Eppi, I get the little spots if they use the strip wax. I mentioned this to the girl who advised against laser and she said make sure they only use the hot wax that peels off that they use when getting a brazilian, going to try this next time (two weeks before the wedding just in case!). When the hair grows back after a wax it's not noticeable as it is coming in at all, it's definitely not stubble!
Aisha Posts: 141
Just to say that anyone with not-white-skin needs to be very careful with laser treatment... I have darkish skin and very dark hair - when I enquired about laser I was told it could bleach my skin as it works on any pigment, not just in hair. I tried pulsed light treatment and found that it did help, but took loads of sessions..then I got pregnant and abandoned it all..thinking of starting again though or trying something new as getting bad again. I did try waxing once when I was a teenager, but it grew back worse :o( Anyone else got tips for people with dark skin?