getting signed off early?

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MrsNiF Posts: 59
hi girls, quick question as i'm absolutely clueless. having a really really hard time of it in work at the moment with stress and long hours. i am 20 weeks prgnant and don't know how i'm going to make it until week 38. i know my doctor would sign me off early as he said it to me in my first trimester that stress is not good for the baby and that he'd write me a note. my problem is that i don't get paid for sick leave because of the whole recession and we're a tiny company. so my question is... if i got signed off early who pays me? does my maternity pay kick in meaning i'd have to go back to work early after having the baby or would i get social welfare sick pay? no idea but seriously don't know if another 18 weeks is possible at this rate O:|
tcm Posts: 260
Hi MrsNif If your dr signs you off you can claim for social welfare illness benefit which is about 204 euro per wk. The first wk you claim though you don't get full payment but about 138 euro. you need to get form from dr or receptionist and then send in an inter cert every wk that you are off which the dr fills in as well. If you are signed off on certs you can then apply for mat benefit as normal. AFAIK your work can't query this as long as your dr has certifed you as sick (he only needs to put pregnancy complications on the sick cert) your other option is taking early mat leave which you can take from 24 weeks but you won't have much time with the baby afterwards. Hope this helps MrsK
tcm Posts: 260
oops double post