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78 Posts: 69
Just looking for some opinions. Was with my GP during the week for check up. I 'm seriously exhausted. Work from 8 till 6 five days a week. The tiredness is just shocking lately. My GP said he feels i am not going to be able continue working for much longer, particularly if the weather is warm and he has suggested signing me off for about three weeks before my maternity leave is due to start i.e. 34/35 weeks pregnant. I feel so guilty about this. I've only missed one day off work sick since I got pregnant. Have forced myself to go into work regardless up to now. But I am now coming home from work at 6.30 and going straight to bed. Just wondering do people normally get signed off sick before maternity leave? Am I mad to be feeling guilty? Feel worse cause everyone is telling me how well I look and how i'm blooming which I am up till about lunch time and then i'm just ready to fall into a heap.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
your gp knows best 78- is there anyway you could ask for different working hours from your employer- tell them what your GP has said and that you would prefer to keep working but something is going to have to give? Sometimes being honest with them might make them give you some flexibility, i know it all depends on the company though. But they might prefer to have you for 6 hours a day than none at all.... and... you might prefer to be occupied too, 5 weeks that could stretch to 7 weeks is a long time to be off and at home!
bam bam Posts: 1756
I finished up at 35 weeks, suffering with SPD and just so so tired, ended up with a chest infection and awful cold I was so run down. You need to look after yourself hun and if it means leaving work early so be it. You'll never get this time back again either. I felt terrible leaving early but I knew myself i'd probably end up having to finish early as I just didnt feel great. Took me the two weeks to recover from chest infection so by the time i should've been finishing for work I was feeling a lot more relaxed and just enjoying my time off now. I think there's this perception we have that we have to keep going or else we're seen as being weak but work will go on without us, I think i've only had one phone call regarding work since I left and I thought they'd be on all the time so its great. But as the other poster said you could talk to work also to consider changing your hours and maybe having either a shorter week or shorter hours during the day, your GP would write you a note to this effect also. Take care of yourself.
lisa Posts: 1612
If your gp feels you should be signed off then go for it and take it easy. Dont feel guilty, especially as you seem like you dont abuse sick leave in general.
jmeath Posts: 5740
I agree, your GP knows best. I personally am worried how i will take to being at home when im on maternity leave, ive been sick wuite a bit in the last year and after about day 2 i go mad...i know it will be diff with babs and i prob wont wanna go back to work!! :o0 How far gone are you? Maybe you can talk to work like some otehrs said, maybe you could work 1/2 days the 5 days or do 3 full days? I started a 3 dayt week last week (due to recession) but only until July and i can honestly say i feel better with a 4 day weekedn, im not so saying that i only work 8-4 so you work more than me however i do travel 50mins in each direction and i find it takes alot out of me...not lookinforward to it whhen im heavily pregnant. Hope it all works out and you find what works best.
jen2007 Posts: 218
don't feel guilty i was in same boat as you only missed 1 day up till i was 34 wks my GP signed me out then as i wasn't able for it i suffered from sciatica in my hip and was totally exhausted i felt guilty at first but then realized i needed to be at my best for this baby and your baby cones first i ended up having ds at 37 wks so i was glad i had those 3 wks to my self to rest
Lovetolaugh Posts: 31
Hi Girls, I am considering this also as i suffer with my back and the pregnancy is making it a lot worse....I cant sleep with the pain and im walking around like a zombie. Does anyone know if the job can demand you to take your maternity leave early if the GP certifies you as sick for the last few weeks? My job will not be paying me while on maternity leave so i will be trying to keep as much as i can after i have the baby. We do not have any written policies on maternity leave. Thanks Girls.
lisa Posts: 1612
I was worried about that too lovetolaugh so what Ob has done is only give me the sick cert for one month and I go back tommorrow to get cert for a further 2 weeks. That way work dont know for sure whether I will be back or not before my maternity leave starts so they cant push me to take it early!!!
mrs butterfly Posts: 223
im currently off on sick as well.....i too am exhausted and not sleeping....i am expecting twins which has been alot hard on me...i assume than one gave me a line for 4weeks.....into my 2nd week now,......i know my work can make me take my mat leave early if i am off sick within the 4wks prior to my due date week...due date is 14th this is the 40wks but i'll prob go early with twins i am hoping to go bak to work for july and prob take my mat leave around beginning of august time......i would definitely take the time still not sleeping well at nite but naping thru the day.....u won't get any thanks for being in work and feeling miserable......i know i won't
Lovetolaugh Posts: 31
thanks Girls, if it gets bad ill ask the doc for a note for 2 weeks then tell the job ill be back before maternity leave. I wont get any thanks for staying here and putting up with the pain-I work with men so they havent a clue how pregnancy affects the body... :wv