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Mrs.G Posts: 1828
Girls, I know most of you are probably way more on top of this than me, but I had been wearing my old bras til about a month ago and then just guessed the size to move up. Finally gave in and took the time out to go and measured properly today... has made such huge difference! I was a 32C pre-pregnancy and am now a 36C. Would never have guessed that back could have gotten so much bigger and was wearing the totally wrong size. Was having pains in my back and honestly think wearing the wrong size bra probably contributed. So anyway, just a bit of advice... take the plunge (pardon the pun!) and get measured worth it! :wv
lisa Posts: 1612
Totally agree. I was a 32A and now I am a 34C. I am even finding bras a little tight around my ribs at the mo so think I could be bigger now. It is well worth getting measured. I found debenhams great as you dont have to pay a fortune on bras that may not fit you a few weeks later.
babyluck Posts: 764
couldn't agree more have only just got a new bra I was - honestly - 34 E/F pre pg ( I am not mad about my boobs) and now they are 36FF - disaster anyway sooooo uch more comfy and my tops look better I had the 2 boob look going on there for a week or 2 so get the bigger bra
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
it's so woth it isn't it girls? Feel like a new woman this weekend! M& S were great for measuring, girl was so helpful and they have some nice comfy maternity bras...not the jazziest bra ever, but comfy!
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
I've gone from 34D to 36E already, dreading how big I'll be by the end of the pregnancy. :-8 I got two ok looking maternity bras in M&S yesterday both for €23.50 as they had 25% off so it didn't break the bank. Feel so much more comfortable today.
kazz Posts: 143
Isn't it shocking how big they get I hate mine usually they are 38 C now they are 44 EE near died on friday when I got measured, the girl didn't have a 44 so embarassing although the 2 of us just ended up laughing ours heads off, she said I was afraid to bring these into you (non maternity ones) big whoppers they were :o0 and I mean whoppers