Getting through to SP clinic in the Coombe

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Blackbird Posts: 5135
Did anyone have trouble getting through to the semi private clinic in the Coombe to book in? I have been ringing and just get voicemail. I left a message yesterday morning but I'm not getting anywhere. I don't remember it being this difficult the last time!
mayhem Posts: 381
Blackbird I had exactly the same problem last Wednesday. They definitely have a clinic on a Tues and Thurs so I eventually waited until Thursday and I got through first time. Have you tried them today?
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Firstly Congrats Blackbird! Do you have the right number her it is just to make sure 4085275, Also I know she has a break around 10-11 and from 1-2.30 so maybe try back after 2.30 I got through alright when I didnt try at them times...the girl there is also very nice she booked me in for a few appointments at the over the of luck!
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Well of course as soon as I posted this I got through! I rang loads of times today and then all of a sudden she picked up. I know they are always so busy with the phones ringing and people coming in, they're rushed off their feet. I am booked in for first appointment and scan on 16th November. She never asked me what days I wanted my appointments after that so it was a good job I was there before and I could remind her! I'm delighted to have the first appointment booked now. Wild Child, did you enquire about SP fees? I forgot. Is it still €750?
Wild Child Posts: 1694
I dont actually know I didnt ask either! I know I got a letter from them I will check it when I go home and see if it says a price
HappyMe Posts: 727
all the prices are up on their website - its 750 for SP plus price of scans. Not sure what other charges there may be as haven't got to labour bit yet!!