Getting wedding rings made in galway

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bethlouise Posts: 173
Just windering if anyone has done this or is planning to get rings made? Any recommendations on where is the best place to go? I've tried on a few rings in a few jewellers but none were nice with my engagement ring.
sciencegirl Posts: 428
H2B got my engagement ring made in Diamonds and Gold. Fab ring got a lot more for the money than in regular shops. 12 Cross Street, Galway. Ph: +353 91 539693 Only reason we're not going back is that we can't use our own gold (my FMIL's engagement ring gold) to make his ring.
carrot Posts: 85
got my wedding ring made there aswell. we had the ring and they put in the diamonds to match my engagement ring. really good to deal with, very professional! :wv
crona Posts: 10
I got mine made in Lazlo's in Galway. That's where my H2B got my engagement ring - it's a cluster and they made a beautiful ring with inserted diamonds to fit around it. And they're reasonable!
ros09 Posts: 1923
not trying to be nosy now but what range would it cost to get wedding ring made - with my engagement ring i think that is my only option but i dont really want to have a HUGE expense
crona Posts: 10
It totally depends what you're looking for and what your ring is like. I've a gold cluster, so I had to get them to curve a wedding band around my engagement ring. Once they had it curved, I got them to put five little diamonds into it (they're kind of embedded into the ring itself if you know what I mean). It's gorgeous and it only cost about €600ish.
girlygirl2012 Posts: 1
Hi :wv I have a diamond but need the white gold ring made to hold the diamond,can anyone recommend any jeweller in galway and if anyone has done this whats the cost -roughly? thank you