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enchanted princess Posts: 117
Does anyone know what Peter Mark have on offer in sets of Ghd for Xmas and how much? Also is this he best place to buy them
bubblesjenny Posts: 655
Hi I picked up the White One yday tink its called PURE. Its lovely came in a funky white box with a carry case a How To use DVD. Only cost 160 in the Blanch Store. Its great value. Hope this helps O-O
brigante Posts: 57
Hi, I got one from through with a 7 week conditioner pack, a heat mat , free delivery from UK, and 10 piggy points for every £1 spent which allowed me to buy a €10 a-wear voucher, and all for €50 less than a basic ghd in PM. Was delivered in a week and was perfect. Have been telling everyone!
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
See a fab purple one advertised in all the mags plus seen it in the window of PM in Newry over the weekend.
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
purple ghd new version switches itsel off when not in use you get a mat protector to rest it on a carry case two clips and a travel purple hairdryer for your honey moon :o0 :o0 :o0 all for 199 one year garentee wit peter mark and register online and you get another year of a garentee
La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
I put up a similar post about best place to buy a GHD and one of the other wollies replied saying her friend sells ghds much cheaper than the likes of peter mark as she brings them in straight from the manufacturer. I was a bit skeptical but called the girl, who is based in cork, arranged to meet her to have a look and ended up buying one of the pink ghds in a lovely box with the pink travel bag, heat mat, clips and a cd on how to do ghd curls. The pink ghd cost €200 or more in peter mark and i bought it off this girl for 120. I was a bit nervous until i got it home as to whether it was the real thing. (I had a black ghd before that which had lasted 5 years!) Anyway it definitely legit and i've had it now for a few months. If anyone wants her number give me a PM.