GHD passed away - need help

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over it Posts: 2779
My GHD passed away at the weekend [img:2sjpik1i][/img:2sjpik1i] Are they still the best hair straightner (sp) or are there any other ones out there just as good? Thanks
Sonique Posts: 248
Awww RIP the GHD. They are gr8 but i got one in Terisales in Middle Abbey St about 2 yrs ago for €70 - not a GHD but some other brand & I find it lasts longer - I use it 4-5 times per week and it's still alive and kicking. I asked the guys in there which was best as they didn't have GHD's there. Perhaps you could give them a buzz & see what they have at the mo.
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Awww you poor thing, I would loose the plot if anything happens to mine! I've tried a few different ones and I have to give 10/10 to the GHD every time. It would feel like my right hand had been chopped off if my GHD passed away!!!! My H2B is getting me the new pink GHD for Xmas, can' wait!!! :o)ll :o)ll
bingowings Posts: 1388
Yeah, I'd give GHD 10/10! I've fuzzy hair and over the years I've spent loads on straighteners. None were as good as the GHD.. Last year I bought a one similar/rip off one for travelling (Clarol, I think - GHDs won't work in the US) and its not half as good as the GHD
deedee27 Posts: 129
stick with perfection!! my friends and i have tried them all and they are never as good!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I have a cheapo pair of remington ones :-8 and they are great. I have really thick hair and they do a brilliant job on it.
Mrs Big Posts: 919
GHD for definite once you have had one you can never go back! Dont want to Jinx anything but have mine two years now.....
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Aww u poor thing, mine broke about 3 weeks ago and I've been using a remington one my MIL2B got me for xmas last year I thought it was grand but I used my sisters GHD last night and oh my god the difference. Hope Santa will bring ya one because its top of my list this year!!!!! :o0
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Sorry double post just editing it out
Christmas B Posts: 6191
I think a 1 year guarantee comes with them so if you bought it within the last year - happy highs!!! If not then, RIP GHD!!! :thnk Yippidi doo daa they are without a doubt the total and utter bees wax!!!!