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meme134 Posts: 71
What would ye reccomend to get as a gift for h2b. Feel lost about this as I hadn't realised it was a done thing. I mean its hard enough to get him xmas/birthday gifts,so what do I get him for choosing to spend the last 10 years with me and now having me as his wife, i mean an xbox game doesnt really do it :-) any suggestions are welcome x
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I got my hubbie a good watch...I wanted to stretch to a tag heuer one but they were beyond my budget
ShinyBride Posts: 418
I'm wondering this too. A watch is a traditional, or usual, wedding present for the groom. When we were looking at wedding bands my fiancé spotted a watch and said he really liked it, so I did my usual trick of pretending not to be paying any attention while actually making a mental record of the brand, location in shop, etc. :) If you think he'd prefer an XBox game then maybe do up a little hamper with a couple of games and maybe some snacks and beer?
nosie Posts: 449
I'm getting mine an engraved pewter beer tankard and a bottle of nice cider... But then he's dropped about a million hints!
Little Miss Excited Bride Posts: 10
I'm thinking of getting a watch too, might pop a note beside it, 'so you won't be late or see you at 2pm'
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
I like the idea of the watch but I got him a gorgeous pocket watch for our engagement and he's wearing it on the day So I'm doing up a box of bits for him to open the morning of the wedding (it's our anniversary too) Things like big wooly socks (in case of cold feet) A t-shirt that says hubby Filling a digital photo frame of pictures of us through the years Little tub of Vaseline (for our first kiss) Still trying to think of other bits but I think the more personal and cute the better.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I got mine a groom's journal - notes, love letters, stories, pictures etc - an oclock watch in yellow and grey (he wanted one for ages!) with a tag saying, don't be late, see you at 1pm, "open when" champagne bottles (first Christmas, first anniversary, first fight, first baby) and a leather hold all bag He outdid himself and got me way more than I got him!
meme134 Posts: 71
O i love all yer ideas, especially the xbox game hamper. never thought of that and the beer as added extra....hmmm something to think about thanks all :)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
My fiancé is a firm believer that getting a watch from your partner as a present is bad luck so I think he would faint in the morning of the wedding if I got him that! I never even thought of getting him anything, il have to try think on something. I have a big birthday a few days before actually :o0 so I doubt il get anything either lol.
Laura_Whelan Posts: 56
A good watch is always something nice for them to have. A thought I had was a craft beer hamper, Lots of different beers for himself to sample at his leisure. Someone also mentioned a yearly subscription to a craft beer club where he gets a beer a month to sample. I was also checking out xbox games or something and I heard today fm do a piece on a new headset coming out that is a virtual headset. I'm not sure if it will be for xbox or not but worth keeping an eye out for maybe.