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bridie1 Posts: 12
What should I get my mother as a gift? I don' really want to buy her flowers and she does not wear jewellery. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Deise Bride Posts: 352
Her favourite perfume, you know the way they do lovely gift sets etc....the Jo Malone is just fab...its expensive but would be lovely treat for the day for your Mam
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Does she have a hobby or sport? Mine's a golfer and would love a fancy new club, tickets to whatever tournament is coming up or lessons with the club pro. Otherwise: - spa day - restaurant voucher - hotel voucher - cashmere scarf - Jo Malone set of anything - subscription to her favourite magazine for a year (I always thought this was a gimmick until someone bought it for me for a birthday and it was a treat to find the mag on the doorstep each month) Hope one of those helps or gives you an idea....