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win Posts: 183
Hi, today I have been asked to be godmother to my new niece which I am so happy about as I have no children of my own. I would to get her a special gift for her. I have seen bracelets in jeweller shops, are these kind of useless. I was also considering opening a bank a/c and putting in a little for her on her birthday, etc. I have 6 other little nephews and nieces and dont want to offend any of them. Any ideas.
Tinkerfairy Posts: 84
my sister got a present of a picture frame with her baby's name on it and his photo, i thought it was so thoughtful and different. think it was from somewhere in navan
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I'd go for the bank account option. I personally hate trinkets and ornaments and the like, I was given mine from babyhood when I moved out and they are up in my attic now! A tiny bracelet is useless to a small child. OT-would any charity shop have any use for several tiny silver three piece cutlery sets (boxed) and a slightly tarnished silver mug?
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I dunno I love those kind of knicknacky type things :-8 However dd did receive one of those bracelets and as beautiful as it is, it is still too big for her wrists a year on and she hasnt worn it yet, will she ever get to wear it, I dont know! For my godchild I commissioned a painting for his room. His parents loved it and its hanging in his room now, what about something like that?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
[quote="mrs mammy":j1tuibrf] For my godchild I commissioned a painting for his room. His parents loved it and its hanging in his room now, what about something like that?[/quote:j1tuibrf] Love the idea of the painting! If you can't afford to go the whole hog for a painting, you can buy prints online from the National Gallery, of famous paintings. They're pretty affordable and come on canvas which you can then frame and they look wonderful. Obviously they're not the original ( :o0 ) and people are going to know it's not, but they are lovely quality and it's a nice thing to have. One of my favourite artists is Jack B Yeats and I have a mini print of his 'The Liffey Swim' which I adore. How about this painting, by Mildred Ann Butler? It's just a pretty garden scene which might be nice for a wee girl's room? It's €38. ... ler%201912. I've been Godmother twice and have bought the bracelet as I was asked to. Well, not asked as such but it was kind of 'And the Godmother buys the bracelet so that's that sorted' kinda thing. The parents wanted the children to have a bracelet so I got it. For other Christenings I've bought outfits, prize bonds, vouchers for Mothercare for say a highchair or towards a carseat, practical things. And I've given money to go into a bank account too.
belcra Posts: 1097
I bought my Godchild a dolls house - the really nice ones are expensive though. I really wanted to buy a present that would be used but also kept in the future.
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I'm not one for trinkets. I think the bank account or Prize Bonds are a good idea. I know An Post etc do children's accounts - but does it have to be a parent that opens the account on their behalf? Something practical is always a good bet - if they have everything for the newborn stage you could always offer to buy a Swing/Jumparoo/High Chair - something that they will need in the coming months. Or maybe a Christening Shawl if they don't have one, embroidered with the name etc.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
For my Godson's first Christmas (he's 6 months) I got a friend to make his name out of gorgeous fun fabric and do a cute embroidery type thing with them on a bit of fabric, then I glued cute buttons and a little ribbon bow onto it and framed it, his parents loved it. I didn't want to get trinkets or anything as they have 4 kids so have enough stuff to be trying to find space for and have gotten everything before, so this takes up only a bit of wall space, but is personalised and lovely. I also got him a Christmas decoration that says his name and To My Godson.
vidia Posts: 2960
For my daughters Christening Present, her Godmother had an artist paint a mural on her wall, its gorgeous and still there 4 years later, she loves it..