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S WOW Posts: 412
Are people giving gifts to the mothers on the day? I know normally it's flowers, but as these would be a pain for FMIL to get home I am thinking of an alternative - maybe a nice piece of china or candle or something like that? I could go with nice goodies - soaps, hand creams etc, but knowing my mum she wouldn't use these for herself and leave them out for guests :yelrotflmaosmilie: So I want to get them something that will remind them of the day. Any ideas? What about the dads? Do they get gifts also?
bee0606 Posts: 691
At the moment I'm thinking I'll get really nice photo frames that we can get wedding photos put into for them and maybe a restaurant voucher too which would cover the fathers as well.
atina Posts: 2240
We got both our mothers vouchers for a nice meal and got special thank you cards made to put them into
MrsFlushdraw Posts: 365
Since both our parents had to travel to the wedding we decided not to bother with flowers for the reason it was awkward to get them home. Instead we booked both parents into suites at the hotel for the weekend and they really liked it.
Chocaholic2015 Posts: 257
We bought our mothers crystal photo frames and our dads parker pens. Flowers would have been wasted because both families are between 40 mins and an hour from the hotel and we were staying there the next day as well. We’ll get a family photo from the wedding printed for our mother’s frames (they’ve both said they want to put a wedding photo in the frame, we’re not forcing them to have one! :o0 )
S WOW Posts: 412
Thanks for all the good suggestions. I was actually thinking about crystal photo frames. If possible it would be nice if I could get them engraved with our names and date of the wedding.