Hi, Just to let you know we have a huge range of wedding accessories on our website including a range for the groom : and a range for his bridal party: Any queries at all please give me a ring at the shop in Arklow on 0402 23836 or e mail us at Thanks a mil Michelle :wv [attachment=8:3i97162z]men gift 1.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=7:3i97162z]men gift 2.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=6:3i97162z]men gift 3.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=5:3i97162z]men gift 4.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=4:3i97162z]men gift 5.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=3:3i97162z]men gift 6.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=2:3i97162z]men gift 7.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=1:3i97162z]men gift 8.jpg[/attachment:3i97162z] [attachment=0:3i97162z]men gift 9.JPG[/attachment:3i97162z]